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We collect a lot of demographical information, but does culture really matter in America - a Pop culture? Where is the honor in a culture that lies, steals, kills and destroys "everything" it gets? What treaty do we honor today? Tell the truth and be free, yet you can't trust nobody today.

What does being of any race mean in America? What does cultural awareness mean in a country where cultural awareness means nothing? Just when and how often do we pray, is when you get ready?

How do you get culture in a country where culture has given way to innovation and creativity or should I say, the next great fad? What’s your culture? So exactly what does your ethnicity mean?

Even something so simple as the food we are supposed to eat, why are we looking for faster food? How much faster can we get, as we are going in the wrong direction. You say, that my opinion, but I tell you that is a fact,,,just look around you and if you can't see it, your head needs examining. Do we even try to do right? ARe we too for off course for that?

Innovation and creativity is a great thing but exactly what have we created? Why do things only get worse – no jobs, economic decline? Though it is said, we live a lot longer, why is youth so short lived? Why is money the root of all we do? Why don’t people get along better instead of worse? Why does integration have to be forced?

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