The American Regime


We know what the old American Regime was upto, but what about the new?

You read about regimes everywhere and from all I see, they're upto "no good". Those kind of regimes exist, but what about here in America? What about at home?

Who, what when, where about the American regime?

"The private sector" across America is still grappling with major problems, including ineffective and inefficient administrations, corruption, cronyism and competition from unregulated and often illegal players, a poorly educated and inadequately trained workforce, and anti-competitive labor laws or significant trade barriers to both exports and imports.

Is this the American regime or what? Is slavery a myth? Were Indian Wars really about Cowboys and Indians? This is terrifying.

So why is it, the Private Sector of America is experiencing so many problems? Why do they take the frustrations out on the Public Sector? Is it because the American public applies no resistance? Are we that gullible, do we just accept every and anything? Do we have no input, say so? Is our doing nothing, doing something?

Am I apart of the Private Sector in America? Am I apart of the American Regime? Or do I just work for the Regime?

How can you expect the rest of your day to be good, when you go to work spending all your time making it miserable? Why does the public sector stand for this? Are you apart of the problem or solution? Who's following who?

As long as you follow them, you shall be behind them.

(((your inner

Am I better than you?

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