American Citizenship for African-Americans 2010

Why would you need to force or pressure “any rationally thinking person” to "humanely treat another human being"?

American citizenship for some is by choice, but for enslaved Africans citizenship was imposed, we never had a choice or a voice. The only way to stop the inhumane treatment and atrocities being committed against enslaved Africans was to beg and demand citizenship and that citizenship is still forthcoming. See The 14th Amendment and Civil Rights Act of 1964.

There is a sad sense of disparity between us and the hypocrisy of this nation must be exposed, instead of covered up. African-Americans must accept rejection from America but America will not accept rejection from African-Americans. We are just as economic dependent today as we were yesterday, if not more. There is no other nation on earth as guilty for the mistreatment of a people as the United States of America. The 14th Amendment provided Black Americans with equal protection of the law, due process of the law, citizenship… Reading this website, Black, I understand this amendment is up for repeal, which is a plan to destroy by repealing the corner stone of protection against outright segregation against the Black community on November 2, 2010…Black

Insanity is doing the same old thing over and over again, but expecting a different result. My question to you is what are Americans going to do with this citizenship?

What is Africa-American to Africa and what is Africa to the world? Africa to Africa to the World?

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