African to Africa to the World

Enslaved African-Americans to Africans in Africa to the World!

Do we even care enough to try? Who will encourage us? Who will act for us? Is it too late?

What is the significance of Africans to the rest of the world? What good is this knowledge to me?

It is imperative to make the connection between Africans and African-Americans in order for us all to be free! Then and only then will we realize the importance to each other and the world.

What about dual citizenship for the African Diaspora? All mankind has met African people at the crossroads of history at one time or another except Africans and African-Americans. Why?

Enslaved Africans history, political or otherwise has only been seen through the eyes of our oppressor whose interpretations of enslaved Africans are a sick fantasy. What we failed to share is that: Every aspect of the life of enslaved African-Americans has been and still is dictated and/or approved by our oppressor. We have nothing to be proud of, unless you want claim the latest Presidential elections and that ain't right. We have got to do for ourselves. Where is our party? These interpretations are twisted in such a manner as to imply that enslaved African-Americans see themselves above, beyond and separate of Africans in Africa, especially when you come here to visit…but we do not mean this to be TRUE.

Most African-Americans have great respect and loyalty for Africans living in Africa, we just do not know how to show it. How can we apologize for house rules established in a house we do not own? The problem is our oppressor has us (enslaved African-Americans) fighting each other and therefore, we cannot help but to do it to you. It is time enslaved Africans-Americans and Africans in Africa tell their own history to each other.

Establishing direct lines of communications is the only way to correct prevailing misconceptions about and between each other, in order to realize the global acceptance, significance and importance of ALL Africans to the world. With the advent of the internet we can begin the healing process. Africans in Africa must have access to training and technical talent developed by Africans living abroad – Due respect. May I suggest including this company!

How many White Americans mean enslaved African-Americans any good? Colored, black, nigger, negro, African-American, even we do not know our own name. Need and greed are the only saving grace between African-Americans and White Americans and need and greed is what has kept enslaved African-Americans alive? Contrary to the rhetoric, the impact of White Americans upon African-Americans generally has been negative, just as it has been with Native Americans. Any African-American thinking he can share power with a White American is sadly mistaken, unless things change.

Invaders Though African-Americans are helpless and silent about our uninvited guests, we understand these guests do not respect our position, therefore side with our oppressor in order to take advantage of the opportunities for which African-Americans have worked. Therefore, they must be invaders.

African-Americans do not have the organized strength to resist such tactics by our oppressor. African-Americans desire to design our own salvation, but fear and terrorism stand in our way. That is how we have been and still are being educated. The imitation African-American now in existence has no long-range future in America. White Americans did not bring Africans to America to share power. It is either rule or ruin.

Until Africans throughout the world begin to tell their own story, the story will not be properly told. Freedom Is not free. Freedom is something you take with your own hands. You maintain it with your own hands. Freedom is not handed down from one generation to the next. Each generation must assume the responsibility of securing their manhood, their womanhood, the definition of their being on earth and that is the essence of nationhood.

Peace and Prosperity between African Nations means Peace and Prosperity in the world. All the stress and frustration of trying to keep up with the oppressor would be gone.

Are African-Americans ready to rule themselves? Ready or not here we come. Inspired by John Henrik Clarke, Notes for an African World Revolution.

American citizenship for enslaved Africans?

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