American government demanding more


from a people earning substantially less.

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You've probably heard the US economy is recovering, consumers are more optimistic, and companies will soon begin hiring more workers than they're firing, and a whole bunch of statistics to back those accusations. I strongly disagree.

The truth of the matter depends on who you ask? The rich, we are bailing out and the powers to be can give all kind of magical rational explanations why. Certainly, that makes sense to them. The bottom line here is they just keep trying to get money for themselves, which is business as usual.

The bulk of the American population is poor, which is the last group of people we poll for anything, in one of the richest countries in the world? A country in which every person could be financial blessed with the swipe of a gavel. Probably, the single most promising thing which has happened for poor people in America, over the last century, is the election of President Obama. And the only thing that has given the poor of America is HOPE.

I was poor before and am still poor and the bottom line there is that things are getting worse. It has been harder for me to earn a little money, crime is escalating and utilities and other critical resources are steadily rising, including credit scores. There are plenty other examples, but for brevity sakes, I just say, when it comes to poor folk in America, food, water, transportation, health care and shelter, their economy is getting worse in all areas and there is no hope on the horizon. The government keeps demanding more from a people who is earning substantially less.

So if the bulk of the US economy is in a weaker state, how can the economy be in a stronger state?

Helping Middle Class America 2011

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