America’s biggest National Security Threat

Who is America's worse enemy?

Admission is a hard thing for People to do, especially Americans.

Why do I scare you so? Why do you treat me so bad? Why do I treat myself so bad? You cannot take a person where they do not want to go, but somehow; I always seem to go there.

A man isn’t wrong until he first admits. Are there serious consequences for failing and failing to admit? Why do we lie so? Does one know when they’re wrong, then how does he know when he’s right? Can there be an excuse for being wrong?

A man knows when he’s wrong, if he has any sense. So, how do you explain evil events like slavery? Then, how do you explain our daily living? Until we admit and take responsibility for the atrocities on which this country is built, we will not be able to admit anything. How much more simple can that be?

We’re too eager to take credit for good and too evil to admit guilt! Then shit piles up so high, we can no longer see the light and resign ourselves to living a life of lies.

People justify their wrong doings based upon their own selfish thoughts and mistreat each other, even though we know to treat others the way we want to be treated. We always have an excuse.

So by learned behaviors, following the wrong folk, we are self-destructive. Would you go to church if you thought it would not save your own ass? Now, think about what is church?

The shit has gotten so bad, it has moved from the bottom to the top and now, the top is so corrupt we view it as too great to change. Today, the mistreatment at the bottom level is nothing compared to the mistreatment at the top. We say and think we've come too far to turn around now.

This downward spiral is met with no resistance, but our efforts to prosper together are resented and resisted at every step of the way.

If a man comes as a divine human being to serve, he is resented by the very people he came to serve.

If he comes as a gentleman, a scholar and a statesman, “a do nothing”, he is embraced and accepted by the same people who embraced him to serve. A very misguided people, in this case, how does the work get done?

People do not want to embrace anyone who does not appear to be caught up in self-righteous drama of the world, then they would have to admit guilt and change. So how do you serve this misguided people without losing your soul?

Admission, Americans are their own greatest security threat, both domestic and abroad. If we understood this message we would not be going through what we're going through today. United we stand, divided we fall.

(((your inner

Diggin your own grave

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