seeing them, never give up...

I been hearing a lot about angels lately. Heard they were men. Said there were no women angels, at least not written in the bible.

Thank God, for angels. If you have got an angel and you know it, clap your hands! Good men make great things happen. Good women make that all the better.

What does it take to be angel? Well, it is one of those things you can not do by yourself. You got to be surrounded by people who know angels. I mean real angels. That is the only way. Any other and you would not believe?

I thank God for lefting me up and surrounding me with angels. They chose me. They keep me going. Today, I got great news and it started with friend, a dear friend. His angel is recovering well from a serious surgery for which they had become consumed, regreting, testing, traveling long distances, praying and hoping; in preparation. There were so many wonderful things happening along my travels today, all on the miracle level. A Mary Ann, a Charles, a Joe, a Larry…I am so happy my friends are doing so great!

I do not know if you have ever had days like that? Great things are happening for my friends and many of the people with whom I came into contact and it did not take long? Like being at a big festival or carnival, the people with whom I had contact today, really had it going on. So much so, they were a great inspiration to me. And in response, I gave my very best to them.

You know, we create problems. As soon as we finished with one, we create another. That’s not enough, so we elect others to create problems for us. It wasn’t always that way and today, I lived that difference. Used to be a time people would help people with a problem. Now, we are consumed by them. How many organizations from one country does it take to give money to another country? Why does it take so many? What's up with that?

People fought for their rights, and the privileges we enjoy today. Look how much we have got, accomplished… Then, look how we have squandered away things – economics and I flunked economics??? We used to make stuff for the convenience of the people, but now… Who can you trust? Would you have ever thought untilities would be so expensive? What about oil, cars, houses? I thought the goal was to make resource available for the health and welfare of every US citizen? Medical expenses? Attorney fees?...

Is it getting better or worse? How many ways can you lock a car, a house, children…?

There is hope and I saw it today? Thank you all for being beautiful in my life. Never give up, because GOD will never give up on you.

Art@your inner

The only way I can describe it: Angels!

SBI Angels?

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