Angry at the Whole World

Do something Grandma beside lay over playing dead.

Are we working to do nothing? What's the real meaning of retirement? Is retirement what it is supposed to be? Why don't we tell the truth?

Do something Grandma do something.

Blaming the world for my own problems. Formal education vs. informal education is the same as going to school vs. common sense. As we get more of one, we get less of the other.

What’s left? Are we moving forward or going backwards? Is there a difference and in which direction should we be going? Is there anything (((you))) can do about it? Is there much work to be done, who's going to do it? Whose responsible? We must know where our world is today is because of what "we" did or fail to do yesterday.

I’ve got one reader who says, “I’m angry at the world”? And refers others to me who she believes are angry at the world. Not a problem and I welcome all, but I am not angry at the world. She says, I’m blaming the world for my own problems.

My feelings are quite simple, “I see something and I am saying something, in our own language”.

What else should I do as I see we’re being led astray? How do people know when you sit back and say nothing? How do we get so much depression? Why are we so over extended in debt? Why no respect from our children, seniors, women…? Why so many relationship problems? Further I encourage you to do the same. Instead of being a total consumer, I encourage you to get off your ass and do something. I encourage you to listen to your inner voice to figure out what that something is. I surmise when we all do that, then we will all be on the same sheet of music, instead of being led astray.

We’re led astray because we depend on others to do what we need to do. The more of this dysfunctional formal education we receive, the less functional we become. Look in our senior citizen homes; they’re quickly becoming places for seniors citizens to waste away. Are we meant to stop working because of a disability? Does any other animal stop working because of a disability? Can we afford that? Do our children stop working because they are under age, no jobs,… Do you really see what we’re doing and what I’m saying?

One kid can become a pop star at age five, while the majority of our children will never see the light of day before age twenty-one. One senior can become a corporate executive, while the majority of our seniors will be pushed aside, for what we call change/progress. Now, what’s remaining?

The world, what’s left of it. So what do you do? What do you do when your house is dirty?

Grandma do something beside lay over and play dead and being a health care experiment drugged for the rest of your life. When your house is dirty you clean it up. Then do that.

(((your inner

Black folk no longer Black folk

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