Black folk no longer Black Folk

When is a human being no longer a human being?

Black folk, African Americans are no longer black folk, African-American, Negroes, Niggers… Even the best black folk in America are no longer themselves.

Why do I write to you this? Because you’re educated, fancy clothes, houses, money… does that make you any different than the rest of us? Then, why do you think you’re so different and why do you want to be? Why do you think you really have it going on? Then you have the nerve to criticize or is that educate? Why wouldn't you want to be associated with slavery?

How does it feel to be and know yourself? Times have changed and we have changed to go with the time. Family values and traditions aren’t happening. We have gotten lost somewhere. Those things that define us as a community no longer exist. It takes a village, respect of elders, courtship all have changed as we have become infiltrated by others. Today, it’s sad and a tragedy to neglect teaching your youth the values we had. Those things we established that defined us as a people, no longer define us. So what does?

Why? We’re not to be trusted with anything, not even our own selves. We’re so confused, all we know to do is follow them, like cows to slaughter. What do we have that really works? What can be traded on the international market? Why don’t we have anything? There used to be a time we knew the excuse, but what about today?

Remember when you couldn’t say anything? No matter how much you look and sound like them, does anyone really care what you think? Do they listen to what you have to say? Do they even care about you? We are supposed to care about each other aren’t we? Well we started out asking, fighting for civil rights. When we should have been fighting, asking for human rights. Those efforts were convoluted with our desire for the dollar. And slowly but surely, we started following them.

Do you know how important it is to know yourself? Why or what good does it do to tell you these things? Know thy self and be true to thy self, if you ever want to be a people, if you ever want to be treated as a human being. Refuse to allow anyone to disrespect you, for that is when you disrespect yourself.

That problem is, White Folk ain't gon never do right, who would know better. They do not know and worse than that, they do not know they don't know and they know that. And as long as they can keep you under control, what's their worry? They are smart enough to do that, so what does that say about you? That's why they built an atomic, nuclear bomb, racism, superior...

They're busy showing people they are, but they ain't. We're busy showing people we ain't but we are and as long as you don't say anything, it will be that way.

Is it necessary to survive?

(((your inner

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