Animal Lovers, Lesson One

What is the difference between animal loving, control and abusing?

Art on animals, loving and abuse

Humans have a perception everything was put on earth for their own love and comfort. We lose all sense of awareness when it comes to that by thinking we can better provide for animals than Mother Nature herself. They become a crutch for us. Is that our own guilty feelings?

We talk about dogs or animals being man's best friend. Well, if we treat animals better than humans, what exactly is that saying? If you are unable to love and respect self, how can you love and respect anything else. How can your heart go out for animals, when you do nothing for humanity? Crutch!

Would you like it if someone came in and started telling you how to treat your animals? This shows what the powers of having a great sense of ownership does. People become so controlling, they lose all perspective about what their dear pet actually need - healthy food, like-minded companionship and exercise.

Well, if you do not give that to yourself, what the?

What is the difference between animal loving and abuse? Today, we have more stray dogs and cats everywhere, than in any other time in the history of America. Mind you, these is only dogs and cats, what about squirrels, rats, everything but what we are supposed to have.

What about all these new diseases? We also have a long and uninterrupted history of animal abuse. So much so, that we've created a huge commercial market for food, health care, neutering and spading. What is all of that saying? So where are we going with our warped obsession with animals? Are we the first to ever take "total" responsibility for the animals, by which we are surrounded? Why?

What is our response to all of this? Denial. Just look at our relationships with each other?

Where is the line between animal love, control and abuse? Is it just like our relationships with each other? Like us, will we cause animals to lose respect for their gender, their natural ways and means of life, just like us? Will they learn to find their food in our grocery stores? Will they learn to just lay around for our own safety and security? How much will they become like their owners? What about the food chain? Will your animals lose the ability to care for themselves? What happens after you are gone? Do you care?

Is the life of any vegetable any less than the life of an animal?

I said all of that to say this to all animal lovers and owners: It is not the fault of your pet, that you are so stupid.

(((your inner

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