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Lifestyle Choices

Food and Faith when you look at us as people are we really a number one world power? What will you eat today, from where will it come, Friend or Foe?

Why go left in order to go right?

Do you ever wonder how so many crazy lifestyle choices slip into play? I am not talking about what is safe and sane, but what is detrimental and as crazy as hell!

Are we really afforded such a luxury? Think in terms of "just crime alone"? What about making better use of our time? Why are we constantly fighting each other? These political races are becoming non-stop?

Lifestyle Choices yield Opportunities In Life, poor choices, poor lifestyles. Why do not we enjoy the garden? Is that as close to Mother Nature as one can be? If not getting closer to Mother Nature, to what are we getting closer? Something so simple as food determines your whole outlook on life.

Choosing to allow someone else to grow your food is the same as handing your life over to them. Now you no longer care as long as the food is on the table. The quality of your food directly equates to the quality of your lifestyle.

How important is the quality of your lifestyle- contamination, freshness and content? Now, you have got the grower and inspectors between you and the food you eat, which further degrades the nutritional value and your quality of life. What we are literally eating is considered slop! All it is good for is fattening you up for the kill. It would not be so bad if the food was grown in our communities, but we have gotten so clever and slack; there is no telling from where comes our food- friend and foe.

Do not ask from where this comes! Bullfighting, for which do you cheer, the Butcher or the Matador? Either way, the Bull is not going to leave the ring alive. Do you think about it from the Bull’s perspective? Would he be so domestic if he knew all you were doing was fattening him up? Just how do we get our thinking so twisted?

And for the animal abuse people, which is more cruel or shameful, the Bull dying in the ring in front of thousands of spectators or at fast food restaurants, in front of thousands of spectators? The dinner plate is the final destination in both cases, according to tradition and cultural heritage. One way, we kill the bull in the ring and another; we kill the bull in slaughter houses. The slaughter house butchers hundreds of cows, at one time and in the ring, only one at a time.

If you asked the bull which lifestyle choice was more admirable to live, which do you think he would most likely choose? Does that make any sense? Lifestyle choices.

People who follow different faiths eat differently so food is something that can divide or unite us. Why allow food to divide, especially coming from the worst offenders of healthy food diets? Especially from a people with the greatest reputation for animal abuse? Especially from a people who cannot even keep a job.

Animal abuse and fast foods are literally tormenting to death those who have never harmed us and has been a long standing part of our culture. Just the name itself implies a form of gross abuse. Fast food, fast lifestyle choices?

So why do I write about this, why is this so important? What can “we” do? How do we really know what we need if we are skipping the most important steps? How do you know what your employees are doing if you never visit with them?

Simple answer: Grow more of your own and this will change your whole outlook on life. Do you see how all of this is connected? Now, you know how and why our thinking is so twisted. Lifestyle choices. You cannot help somebody or anybody who is not willing to help themselves!


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