Approval Rating

What is your approval rating?

Your approval is your is your only chance for improvement. What is your approval rating? We are all running around trying to meet everyone's approval. Why is that? Why can not you approve yourself? Is there a way to bypass this? Approval is for what everyone is looking and that is not necessarily a bad thing. But like a carrot being dangled, from where it comes is most important. The crazy thing about it all is businesses have learned to take advantage of this little knowledge much better than individuals - see polls and surveys. They keep us more stretched and stressed out than we would ever do for ourselves?

What about credit scores, religion....? Are you riding, walking or being DRAGGED?

Dissapproval is not approval for doing anythng and can be very depressing? You still have to do it yourself. For those things that are most important to you, are you being approved?

If you are not very careful, You are APPROVED, only to learn You have been hooked. Your most trusted means of protection has just turned into Invasion of your privacy! Just approve the wrong person into your house or would that be life?

Again, if you missed your needed share of approval from home, you are just a day late and a dollar short. Desire for approval starts out very early in life. After your parents, comes your significant others. Take out some time and take a good look around yourself and ask yourself, "By what kind of people am I closely surrounded". Whatever the outcome, you have approved for those people to be in your life. Now, where must you go to be approved? School, will you get it at school? Why is everyone saying, "go back to school". If you missed your required dosage of approval at home and school, you stand a good chance of missing it for life, just as you have missed it everywhere else.

Relationships are life and built upon your approval rating. Your approval rating determines your potential for being approved. Approval is our door to acceptance and improvement, manage it with care. Just as in training animals, Approval is our reward for everything we do, whether spiritually or personally. It is one of those things, "if you do not give, you can not get it".

What is your approval rating? Remember, if you did not get it at home, you are already a day late and dollar short.

Do you give it at home, how much and how often do you give your approval? So as we all stand in desperate need of approval, approve more things around your house. That is the secret. Good and bad, how do you think people build mega businesses? The law of attraction brings an abundance of good or bad things to your doorstep. It is all up to you.

(((your inner

Caution, Entrepreneur at work!

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