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It ain't what your country does for you but what can you do for your country? Bringing together aspiring and inspiring entrepreneurs, helping embrace originality, imagination, and ingenuity through local, national, and global activities. (((your inner voice.com))) is not just inspiring students looking for a way to reach their goals, but also leaders inspired to boost growth by the sheer energy of millions of participants - connecting communities.

What is the opposite of Entrepreneur? Brocanteurs, who were business people dealing in second hand goods. The term did not pick up the fame as entreprenuer because of the negative stigmatism towards second hand goods. A good comparison would be a new car salesman and a used car salesman.

Entrepreneurs are the key to our country's economic recovery. They create jobs and innovations that bring us out of decline and into sustainability and growth.

As a group, entrepreneurs are the silent heroes of our economy, and their success is heavily reliant on many factors outside of their direct control.

There is a movement to unite entrepreneurs and help give them a stronger voice in the public discussion about the country's economic future. For the first time, entrepreneurs and business owners have a central hub to share their stories, hear about issues affecting them and create a unified voice.

Entrepreneurs, and those who support them, can join the Movement at www.BuildAStrongerAmerica.com to become part of an "entrepreneurial community" providing feedback regarding policies and initiatives affecting entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs need to come together to make their voices heard.

If you want to know who is going to change the world, look at you, the entrepreneur.

Build a Stronger America.

(((your inner voice.com))),,,gone green.

How Entrepreneurs Become Employees


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