Are Americans Spoiled


I mean, Is the Average American Spoiled, meaning "less fit than the average person on the planet"?

Now, our planet is pretty large, so there’s plenty of room not to come in “dead last”.

I know I ain’t fit to fight nothing and I all the people around me seem to be in worse shape. About what is all the hoopla, all the hype about how great we are, oh say can you see?

Are Americans really better than any other race or group of people or person? Then, how did we get to be a “number one world power”?

How do we live upto that title? Do you reckon they know really how we feel? If they knew, would we be fit, worthy, would we give them our jobs, now what?

Do you reckon the next generation will avoid those little blunders we made, reckon they mind? Why should they, if we don’t care?

Are we Americans really “good business people”, are we in serious debt trouble, do we know our debtors? Who’s keeping count? Who’s the next one on our “hit list”? Who’s the next one, we’ll decide to “knock out”?

Is it smart not to fight your own battles? Is it better to have “professional soldiers”? Who’s telling them what to do? Are all our politicians required to be combat qualified? What is the criterion for becoming a professional politician? There’s that word again. Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Can we afford not to anymore?

Spoiled, what happens when you can’t afford to pay someone else to fight your battles? Do you like being in the military, is that a nice profession? How could that be? How is it? How do “they” treat you? Do “they” really care?

Why do we keep lying or is it me? Am I trying to spoil anything?

Why do human beings kill other human beings, can they help themselves? So why aren't you dead?

Do people, not your friends, but real people, Do they hate you or do they love, embrace, cherish or do they just take you for what it is or is it, for what you are? How do you feel about that?

So when they beat up all your paid soldiers, then what? Dumb soldiers or smart soldiers, how important is training? And again, what is it you are defending? You say, you helping to spread demorcracy, is that like AIDs?

(((your inner

Who is surprisingly human?

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