Are you going to make it

Hell NO! Not the way you are going.

Why do you go to church? Can you save yourself? Who decides who?

You know you have been or thought you were at the helm for a long time, but it is sad when you wake-up and learn you are headed straight for disaster. You have been fooling yourself, lost the whole time and today is your proof. Get in, Get out or Get runover!

The one and only way for us to survive is by serving our fellow man.

What kind of job are you doing?

Preparing to sell-out, don't blink or you might miss out. Prices are way over inflated. How do you offset them?

How do you make a very generous living for you and your family?

If I knew then what I know Now, I would have done then what I can't do now. No more excuses!

Stop bullshitting yourself, we all want to survive, take action in your communities, now. You know!

(((your inner

a dysfunctional-system-with-distorted-outcomes

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