Out Two Armies

What if they met?

How to destroy the world? My army and your army, what would happen if our two armies met? What would be our intentions?

Sometimes I think about how we, as a superior people think, forget superior race? Are we doomed to struggle and not make sense? What good is it if you survive and I do not or reverse?

Is there any logic in wars, battles, fighting each other? If you take any war or any war you think most justified and ask yourself if it was justified, would it be?

If we did not tolerate fighting, there would be a lot less fights, wars, domestic violence, child abuse, open up your mind. Think about shit, there is more than one thing to loose. You will not and cannot have everything.

All this fighting has to be pinpointed to the source and the rest of us kept out of it. We always want to go in and force a people to do something? We act as if we are willing to fight their battles for them and/or better than them.

Why would we want to fight especially somebody else’s battles? How can you be a world peace keeper by using the threat of force?

If our two armies met, we would live to fight another day, but many other people will be hurt, harmed and killed.

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