Taking Charge

What does that mean? When was I not in charge? Have you been “Tapped”? Changing Leadership roles? Does taking charge mean conquering another land and people?

Military, Take Charge and dismiss the soldiers? As much as I heard that, it always prompted this thought within me: Why don’t you just dismiss them yourself?

Take charge, does it really mean take charge or does it really mean, I am never relinquishing control of the control I never had? Our children grow up thinking they can take control of others. We confuse it in love, creating even more control issues.

While every time I try to Take Charge, I bump into someone already in charge, damn. So that told me, The only person I can take charge of, is myself. All other is “following instructions”. Another incident, then, General Alexander Haig took the initiative to “Take Charge” after President Regan was shot. People were outraged and it wasn’t long before he bumped into others who were already in charge. This was cause for even more chaos and confusion because Mr. Haig had not been “Tapped”. Thank God, he kindly backed down.

Telling you to take charge? When someone has to tell you to Take Charge, you know you are through. Like telling you to clean your room? While, if you were not already in charge, there will be some major issues, causing all concerned to be more vulnerable. It is enough trouble when leadership roles change due to natural causes.

Taking Charge, is not a flip of the switch. As we feel threatened, we find it easier to solve our problems by conquering another land and people, and the vicious cycle continues.

Taking charge is a long process of preparing yourself for the day to come. Today, we are flipping switches like crazy, which has seriously compromised our whole society. The mentality is, it is nothing to do.

Even with our presidency being subject to great change every four years, is a system detrimental to the good of everything in society. Are we actually moving faster than Mother Nature? Why don't we change them every season? More people could be president and we could learn more. That is our mentality.

Prepare yourself? You never know when you will be tapped, so live like that-- people and resources. Most Americans do not even understand what it is like to deal with the harsh forces of Mother Nature, over long periods. Ask an American How long does a drought last? We do not think of droughts in terms of several years! How can we go anywhere and take charge?

I have all I need to create the life I desire through the power and guidance of Spirit within me. I take action in support of this truth. Rest, exercise/work, and eat healthy.

By accepting responsibility for my life and acting upon the wisdom of Spirit within me, I take charge of my life. All other is neglect.

May the Spirit be your guide!

(((your inner


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