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Sharing the Arts is a hard thing to do, Straving Artists lets work together, sign now.

How do I know? Because I do it everyday. And everyday, it seems I get further and further away from paying a bill.

Sharing the Arts can be quite overwhelming, but the question is can you hang on and what to do in the mean time?

I hear so many horror stories of what gifted people endured to get to where they wanted to go. You very seldom hear about the ones who fell by the wayside trying to get there. Think about that? Many fatalities could have been avoided with just a little planning and smart work?

So here you go:

The term "Starving Artist" is no joke! Movtivation is the key and I am going to share with you my project to help us get there. To help us make this process that much easier, so keep reading.

Why do Artist do what they do? They are overflowing with ideas and there is a need to express them?

Creativity and the ability to share it is an overflow of a full heart and mind. But sometimes we're empty or full of thoughts and ideas that are only self-serving? Then we lose hope and there's no telling what we must do.

Why most Artists never make it? The road to success is hell and most have no earthly idea of the sacrifices, trials and tribulations one must endure to get a paycheck. How many years? Do you enjoy starving? Well, here is a chance to prepare a nice warm place of refuge in the future.

Most people are not willing to help, are idea killers. Support me here and share!

How can we be Artists and survive? Take time to know your creator, the author of all creativity. Take time to soak up all the beauty around you. Take time to think.

As you are filled with beauty, you can be sure your creativity will overflow in productive ways and shared. Help me be a support for you, Support me here and share!

Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened.

Support me here and share!

(((your inner

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Every Person Is A Celebrity

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