The Art of Attack

Human ingenuity, hand to mouth in the Land of Plenty, The Attack how is that?

How is this an attack, from who, for what? What are you contributing? Can you handle combat training?

You must contribute to the group in order for the group to survive. Human ingenuity has led to technological developments new social organizations.

Human ingenuity influences how we think and our ability to solve or overcome our toughest problems. If we are not prosperous, what does that mean?

We are the Hand to Mouth World - barely enough money, food… Having or providing only the bare essentials. And if it keeps going, will we perish? If this is the Land of Plenty, why do I have so little? If I don't have enough to share and you don't have enough to share, then what? Can "we" survive alone?

We’re only here for a short while, you dare not linger and failing to get the best nutrients cannot enhance your journey. It takes more than the best nutrients to survive, it also take LIGHT.

Every time we think we’ve come up with something new, it just shows how much we’ve lost. I want to learn as my skills as I can before the lessons are forever lost. There are so many different techniques, but only one way to go.

Here's another one for you? How can "they" always figure it out and we can't figure out shit? Can you count to 1 million? Then what are your chances in a million?

The older I get, the more I’m at the mercy of someone else to survive. I must result to even more bizarre measures, just to survive. Though I know there is nothing new under the sun, technology keep developing and have taken the place of Human Ingenuity.

So what they are doing to me is amazing, it’s unbelievable especially when I survive. All the wisdom has been thrown out for the most bizarre techniques to be “tried”. Can there be not-local and sustainable?

My preparation is strange, how can this be the Land of Plenty, when I have so little? When your hands are empty, nothing is going in your mouth. How is your food grown and raised?

Substances and abuse, not only harming our environment, but the health and well being of it's people. Do we ever clean-up?

What is your best weapon? It’s a great feel to know you are appreciated. Pray and work together for A space to share ideas and improve.

Good karma, to survive in life you must understand. The Art of Attack

(((your inner

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