Ingenious Ways To Live

Ingenious Ways

To Live life

Most folk, especially Americans, don't know NOTHING. We've been spoiled all our lives. THAT'S A BAD THING. We tend to be afraid of a little doing without fast food or so, yet, we want to do, think we are doing more. The dangerous part about it all is "We Call It PROGRESS and pass it on". So what's so ingenious about that? This.

Have you been to THE PROMISE LAND, not promised but PROMISE?

Ingenious Ways To Live

Which of these don’t you do? Is your guy bad in bed, Don’t miss SUCCESS. SORRY, wrong topic!

Living is all about surviving, Surviving is all about Striving and striving is all about Planning – PROSPER no matter where you live.

Leave the DESOLATION and DESTRUCTION behind! Living is not "just existing".

Investigate before you move in. Ideal spots are nice, quarrelsome neighbors are not. Think of what has the most Value to you and life?

Pass the ULTIMATE test? Create a discrete test for yourself. Think of ways, you can Save yourself and your community. Your family will be concerned as you go through this. Upon successful completion, you will be HAPPY and they will too. CONGRATULATIONS, you are now a man!

Keep the cycling of Life FLOWING? You watch and we GIVE. Do you know what that means? Can you think of a better way to live? What other JOB pays more than this? The earlier you start…

How can we make this season better than the last? Thoughts become actions. Building together is always better. You can’t tell some folks that.

Respect and take advantage of every resource life has to offer? Including those from above. Nature is The Most Powerful force we know and everything you need comes from THE EARTH, the last place most of us want to look – stupid Americans. Why rob the land? Living cost you nothing, other than being wise. Wisdom comes from listening, especially to your ancestors. Thank and appreciate your ancestors.

Complete the CYCLE OF LIFE? Be determined, dedicated, loyal, humble, consistent, wise … all those words, “they aren’t. Did it say anything about “Edumacation”? For good karma!

To survive in life, you must UNDERSTAND, above all things.

SHARE? Be INSPIRING and SPIRITUAL, does that mean you must go to church? Must you go anywhere?

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Now what do you do?

(((your inner

the Promised Land? How much further? Do you know the way? Have you been

Take it for what it is but Humble is the way. HUMILITY

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