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Forgiven but not forgotten---Art

Dude that SUCKS! I'm sorry that happened to you. I saw you on Sunday working out in the garden.

It's strange that happened. While you're probably surprised, you are the neighbor I feel I know the most. I would think after being here so long, people would know you or make it their job to get to know you (you know, seniority-and no, I'm not saying you're old).

Well, as always, I appreciate your wisdom-even if you're just pointing out the unwise. It's a step in the right direction. Stay real and stay the good neighbor. Hopefully the others will either start swimming up to the surface of humanity or at least start floating up to the top of this primordial soup we keep trying to call America.

The New World My Ass,

Ed, America

He should apologize for over reacting? : E -- Sheila, London.

A new era

The people who have meticulously taken the steps in life, necessary to be lifelong.

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