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This is all bullshit, but this is how major incidents start. You can call it hate or stupidity, either way they yield the same result. Why is it hate and racism, instead of neighborhood watch? Watch the character play out.

Today, Saturday, 21 March, at approximately 3:00 pm, while on my afternoon walk, I decided to stop by and visit with my neighbor, who lives right around the corner, 221 South Liberty Street, one minute walk from me,

310 South Clark Street. Now, I have lived in my neighborhood since 1965, with no major incidents.

As I approached I saw two people in the front yard of the house next door. What made them so obvious was, the one who had his back turned to me, all of sudden turned around and look at me, as if he had been alerted to my presence. We made eyeball contact and he turned away.

As I turned around at the house I was going to visit, I noticed both of my neighbors cars parked out front, so thought I should walk around back. We do not visit often but they have visited me and I have visited them. When this male voice rang out, "Can I help you". The tone was such that one might use to someone walking in a store and they suspect them of stealing or definitely do not belong. I am thinking this is not his house, I did not come to visit him, why in the hell is he asking me, "Can I help you. As I continued walking, I said, No, not unless you have got some money.

I am 52 years young and this neighbor was not nice at all. Was he trying to save me time and effort or was he trying to tell me to "obey him"? He shouted, "They are not home", like his word makes this final. I said, I will just check for myself. Do you know that man got irate and started shouting; I said they're not home. I asked, Do you live here. He said, No, I live next door. I said, Good, and kept walking.

Now, here this? As I was walking towards my neighbor's door, I could here this irate man calling the police. I am thinking, why, I am in plain sight of him. He can see my every move, Why? I am thinking, I am sure he will calm down when he sees me walk away with nothing. All of this occurred over a 30 second period.

Not so, he was describing me as a criminal, he was "fabricating one big lie after the next" and I told him my name is Art. The police arrived within 5 minutes, but by that time I was home watching them wasting valuable resources because of stupidity, racism and hatred.

What criminal would break into someone's house, after that kind of encounter and knowing the two them, the two neighbors are standing 20 feet away and watching?

Now, here this: I called my local Milledgeville police department, where I am a Bail bondsman and I live a five minute walk away; gave my name and tried to explain what had just happened. A photo of me hangs on the jail walls in there somewhere. The lady asked me if I wanted to speak with the officer. I said, No, in this particular case, I just wanted to let you know, so you do not continue looking for a crime and a criminal. Do you know this lady tried to insist that I speak with an officer, over this stupid incident? That for the record, I should at least give my name and number. I knew she had my number and I had already given my name. I replied, It was just a false alarm from a nasty neighbor, why don't you try getting more information from him, since he made a false report. He saw me come, knock and leave, yet he still called the police.

You see, I also called my local police department to clear up matters and what happens, "My word" was not good enough.

Here is the bottom line: One stupid incident led to the next. On an innocent walk to visit my neighbor, I encountered “bullshit” from their nasty neighbor. Then, I try to correct that by going home and calling the Milledgeville police department, where I just got more “bullshit”. Instead of resolving the problem, she tried to escalate the problem. Apartheid In America Further, all of this could have been avoided had I walked away from my visit that this man so rudely interrupted. That is my right. I mean, if I saw someone go to my next door neighbor's house, how or why would I attempt to stop them from knocking? And if all they did was knock and leave, why would anybody call the police. If I suspected foul play, I could just be more vigilantly. Is walking up and knocking considered suspicious behavior? Neighborhood watch, he doesn't know his neighbors. He probably knows his White neighbors? That neighbor is just one nasty prejudice intimidating ass hole who hated to see me walk to the door after he had told me they weren't home -- abuse as a form of power control.

The Milledgeville police department, I love'em and I thank them for the good they do but, the best and the brightest would rather take the word of that sick man, over the word of an innocent neighbor, by choosing to send me to an officer to talk about nothing. The officer I spoke with, on the phone, was young black female. Education, it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. She too has a problem with color--white folk over black folk. Do you reckon she asked "ole boy" any questions, like what suspicious behavior did he observe?

Why, No and then why not? Reckon she admonished him for calling the Police to do his "dirty work" abusing his rights and the system?

Now, why did I write this? It makes no sense. He felt I was threatening enough to call the cops. And no, not because I am still angry, but these potentially dangerous encounters need exposing. This could happen to you, our children, our future? That man did not know me and had no clue, I live right around the corner from him and he did not care. You have to let them know, not in a violent way but, by no uncertain terms, "Enough is Enough".

22 Mar 09, I spoke with my neighbor and she said, he told her all about it and she suggested it probably was ME. And guess what he said, "I DIDN'T KNOW". That is just my point: THINK BEFORE YOU ACT! I wonder if he knows he got this award? Guess he will understand why?

Lesson Learned

    Neighbor to neighbor, honestly speaking, Do you think we should?

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