Attack against the wealthiest Americans


Are you afraid of being poor in America? What’s wrong with being poor in America?

The Wealthiest Americans claim there is an attack against them.

There is no attack against the rich, but their negligent ways have lead to the decline of the American economy.

Organizations like, The Federal National Mortgage Association, Banks, Wall Street, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Oil, Autos, Food, Drugs, Utilities, Clothing, Housing, Jobs, The Iraqi war/terrorist attacks, politics… and sad but true, even “our government” has let our country down every time – deficits, mismanagement, corruption and cronyism. What more do you want to do?

From all of this, what group of people suffers most?

Now, to cover all of this, the wealthiest Americans are threatening, claiming Class Warfare, further crippling the American economy. They are threatening to destroy everything. Where is the need to attack something already destroyed? If you can’t see that, then you need your head examined.

Though America’s class system is not fixed, currently it only promotes activities which support the selfish financial interests of the wealthiest Americans. The rich, the group with the largest incomes, takes most of the profits, but gives as little as possible and even a lesser responsible role. Is that good economics? That stifles our economy.

Why does "our" government keep giving large sums of money to the wrong people? Is today not enough proof?

Are you afraid of being poor in America? What’s wrong with being poor in America? Are we a disgrace? Aren’t we all “one America”? You say, the poor is taken care of? You brag about how hard you work, but is that just politics? Is being rich a false image used to keep your fellow man down? Do you want poor people to perish and just go away?

If there is no change America, as we know it, will be destroyed. If poor people do not step forward or say anything, they will be just as negligent. It’s time someone calls attention to these evil acts and bring about responsible change.

Poor Americans work harder than any other group of Americans, yet gets paid significantly less. Poor Americans make up the bulk of America. Poor Americans are who this country should be coddling, instead of billionaires.

While we try to figure every other way to fix economic issues in America, why do we overlook the people who need it most?

Why would you give health care to people with jobs, when it’s needed most by the sick? Why do we squabble about stupid stuff?

In one of the wealthiest nations in the world, why has money come to be the straw that breaks our backs? Does that tell you anything?

End of story.

(((your inner

Presidents for POOR Americans

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