Sitesell Auctions

Become your own Auctioneer!

Do NOT stop your online auction business, it makes money. That's a start.

Do NOT stop your eBay activity, they offer a great service.

Do NOT "start over". Just build upon what you have started

Develop a bigger concept...

Develop your own site in the niche that you know and love.

Fill that site with high-value content that potential customers want.

Use that content to attract your own focused, niche-targeted traffic.

Use content to PREsell your targeted visitors

Convert PREsold, warm, willing-to-buy traffic into multiple streams of income. And then...

Put eBay to work for you, but only as ONE of those streams. This is an important concept, so let's restate it...

Use eBay (instead of them using you), but merely as part of your diversified monetization plan. In other your own diversified, profitable niche business. How?

Site Build It! empowers you, the auction seller, to...

1) Own your own targeted traffic. Grow YOUR business by growing your own niche-oriented traffic (eliminate dependence on eBay.)

2) Diversify. Use eBay as a mere part of your monetization pie (you use them, not vice-versa). Sure, send some of the SBI!-generated traffic to your auctions. But monetize your traffic in other ways, too.

3) Build equity. Not only do you own your self-produced targeted traffic, but you'll build a large e-zine list. Hundreds, then thousands, of your own visitors will sign up for your products. This is most important right now.

Become your own Auctioneer with SiteSell's Auction.

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