Auto Insurance

Things are constantly changing, here is a good tip. Don't buy car insurance until you try this!

Comsumer daily says and I thought it to be a unique way of shopping for auto insurance:(GEORGIA) - Outsmart your auto insurer -- and cut your rates by 65%?

If you switch, they’ll save you an astonishing $500.00 or more – every year? If they all claim to save you that much… are those savings really possible with every insurer? Absolutely not!

Every insurer is different. They each give different savings depending on unique factors.

For example, haven’t been in a car accident this year, over 25 years of age, or if you drive less than 40 miles per day, if you haven’t had a DUI. The fact is: auto insurers give different discounts depending on your situation.

Now, how do you know exactly which insurer will give you the best rate and discounts you need?

There's one way to find them. It's by comparing all of their rates quickly.

Simply take around five minutes to tell the website about your driving history and then you'll get free quotes from multiple insurers in your area. This way, you can pick the policy and rate that best fits you. In this case, those $500 or so savings are actually possible. Enter your zipcode, to try it.

Something else unique to Georgia and a few other places: MOONshine!

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