Authoritative source about beliefs, teachings, activities.

Ppersonal relationships and authoritative sources about beliefs, teachings, activities.

How do you established good personal relationships? You got to find some common ground...common sense and common ground. How esle will you know?

Are you an Authoritative source about beliefs, teachings and activities? Do you live by them? What do you live by? Or are you one of those people who just keep your mouth shut, you have nothing to be excited about and you do not want to share? Do you support hiding your feelings?

You just might be one of those people who are too busy doing other things….Watch out! Now, I bet you want to know what to watch out for?

Personal relationships are the key. What do you do with the people in your life. Do they know what you are all about? Why do you want to know about them, before you allow them into your life?

Now, you are coming out of a bad personal relationship, therefore; you should know better than anyone else. People coming out of bad relationships, can often suck you into the same….especially the older ones. They aggravate every damn thing and they want to scrutinize you. They are so busy trying to keep what happened last time, that they can not go forward…They just can’t let go. They want to be married, in love and love, but who can they love. If you can not meet all their crazy expectations,,,really you are dead before you ever get started. They never take the time for you to learn who they really are. Then they find themselves trapped in another bad relationship. It is all those crazy expectations you have that are holding you back. No two situations are the same. Let go and let God…when you learn the other person is a knuckle-head, point it out and keep moving. Don’t wallow in your own sorrows or you will be dead in the water.

He we use common sense. Get yourself straight. Become an Authoritative source about beliefs, teachings, activities and invite people to join you. That is the beginning to establishing good personal relationships. Networking. That is how you get paid faster.

    There are plenty of ways to create good personal relationship, but here are four or five good points:

  • Forget what you already know. What you need will kick in, in a timely fashion,,,no two situations are exactly the same. What killed you last time, could save your life this time. So stop worrying yourself carrying around all that extra baggage. Faith, not sight.

  • Make sure you understand the process. Practice, live that way. There nothing worse than somebody pretending, slow because they do not know what they are doing or what they want. Confidence

  • Talk about the process up front. Why wait? Always keep it up front until it is accomplished…one step at a time. You know you are in trouble when you run out of things to chat about. Then, it is even harder to fix.

  • Make a fun experience not a pain. Must I say more?

  • Follow up. If something is not working, ask questions. Why just keep stringing people alone.

Knowing yourself is the best way to know others. Never be affraid to share, otherwise how will people know you...

The people at sbi.

your innr

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