Average or Any Job

Perfect opportunities, if you up to the challenge and I have had my share.

You can say, a good job would not have me or a person like me. However, daily, I see and hear jobs complaining about the quality of work and the quality of people working. Their attitude being that of a quarterback disgruntled with his center. I can get another center any time and where. Just put the shoe on the other foot.

Low pay and lots of work. Happy you got a job but the ends still do not meet and to boot, you do not get a long with fellow employees. Further, you don't care.

Health and happiness goes out the window and family takes a back seat, for the average job.

They are hiring, they have benefits and they pay good. What is the pay, a dollar, two or three above minimum wage. Very seldom do we give serious factors consideration before taking a job. What are you are you best prepared to do and are not willing to compromise, wear, hear, What kind of work?, Could the job benefit from your expertise?, Promotions?, How do they treat their employees?.

Mostly, we are so hard pressed to get a job, we do not ask enough questions, other than when do I start.

I know there are no perfect jobs but there are a few good jobs. Your average job adds to your stress, by being kept in the dark on major issues. There are always aggrevating problems, problems easily resolved with good management, if management is doing a good job. Somebody called in, on and on…

Average/any jobs are not willing to work with you. All they want is a warm body to do the work they do not want to do and they will do just enough to keep you working, except pay more money and treat you with respect.

On your average job, all of the below listed points are out of order:

Poor team work! It does not matter how well you perform your duties, you only get more work. Family? Your family doesn’t work here.

Poor communications. You input is of no or little value and you will always be the last to learn what is going on.

Poor orgnization and very few incentives. As long as they are not short, everything is alright, but we are always short.

Poor smart working. They give you the work they do not want to do and treat you accordingly. New man, dump on him.

Positive thinking. Do not try it, you are here to make 8. Vacation, you have earned the extra time, but where is the extra money?

Your average job only cares about one thing and that is their work and too often, that is the attitude of their employees.

Work your way to the top, what top?

"Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it."--Henry David Thoreau

A good job

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