A Good Job

Means Better pay and a brighter future, because good jobs are profitable.

Good jobs help alleviate stress. They treat you good because they expect good in return.

Good jobs do not have high attrition rates and are hard to find. Like a good spouse, would or should you accept a nag, just to make do?

Generally speaking, people are happier and produce accordingly.

Most importantly, good jobs care. They care about the things that are most important to their employees, the well being of you and your family. That is the most common reason for getting any job. They know that because that is also most important to them and you can not do a good job when you personal life is screwed-up.

Good jobs have a great support network, therefore; do not put up with a whole bunch of silliness and stupidity, at home nor on the job. It is just not good for business.

On good jobs, you will find all of the below and more to be in good working order on a “good job”:

Team Work!



Smart working, not hard working

Positive thinking.

Vacation, go and have a great time. You certainly have earned the time and here is a little bonus, because you have also have helped earn it.

The average job

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