Avoid or embrace, which is better

Which is better, the things we avoid or the things we embrace?

We spend a lot of energy, resources and time avoiding many things and ideas such as crime... On the same hand we spend a lot of effort embracing things and ideas such as religion.

Let's pick a few things to survey and learn if what we're now avoiding is better or what we're embracing is worst for us?

Things we avoid: lies, illegal drugs, Whores, Pimps, Homeless, Drunks, crime, stripped stolen cars, empty buildings - mismanagement of land and resources.


Things we embrace? Prescription drugs, Nuclear energy, Politians, Automakers, Lies, Religion, Race, Gender, Money, Outsourcing, weapons of mass destructions, Mass Media....

Are we losing faith or gaining faith? Faith in what? Do you actually, seriously believe faith comes before money? We would like to believe that and we say it but we behave just the opposite, when it comes to money.

So what is the important point in all of this? How can it help you better your life? It cannot if you do not practice!

Chernobyl Choir traveling

Now, is it any clearer to you that things we now embrace are seriously worse than those we are avoiding?

I had a young lady phone me today and I posed this question to her and her answer was, I do not know?

Do you ever really take time out and think about what it is that you are really doing? Do you know the system you are supporting? And we criticize suicide bombers! Do you act according to your thought process or do you just "oh well, whatever, God will provide"? What is your responsibility to self and country? How is this a country?

Now, you understand what kind of mentality has got us in this mess.

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