What happens when your dreams and goals seem too big for you? What Shawn Anderson says...

My main thing is finding like-minded individuals and when you don't know, they know. Like Shawn say's, you better have the right Sherpa. - art

It's good to bring dream B-I-G...isn't it, Art? It gives our life meaning; it gives our life purpose. Sometimes, it's my experience that dreaming B-I-G can be frustrating because things don't happen when we want or how we would want them to. In relation to your the farm/refuge goal, I am pretty sure you know what I mean.

As I take on the B-I-G goals in my own life, what keeps me focused with laser-sharp intensity is to continually break the B-I-G picture into little pictures. Then...I work on accomplishing one little picture at a time. Obviously, the important stage for you is finding the funding. My suggestion is to look for multiple outlets to build funding. Find five different ways...and raise 20% from each one. The accumulation of the five will take you to the 100%. If 1-of-the-5 is not generating revenue...replace it with another idea. Keep tweaking the plan. Keep evolving.

Meet with your supporters often. Share with them constantly the B-I-G picture...and work with them daily/weekly on completing the little pictures to get there. It takes one jigsaw puzzle piece at a time to complete the big puzzle, right? Pick up one piece at a time with the farm/refuge project.

I have found few things in my life that are worthwhile will ever come easy. I have also found that if I keep chipping away at specific goals within a plan...the piece of raw stone marble will eventually take shape and turn into something really beautiful.

B-I-G dreams are achieved with successful, baby steps daily. Create the plan...in detail...and then walk the steps.

I am rooting for you, Art!

Create a great week!


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