The best is yet to come...

Talking about progress!

Do you give your very best in all that you do? Are you putting boundaries on yourself?

The best is yet to come! A little voice inside whispers "No you it’s not!" We all have voices in our head, some that egg us on, some that put us down, some that put us under such pressure that we are paralyzed when it comes to our moment to perform.

So, are you really making any progress? Are you affraid of failure? Is it because you think you’ve worked enough? What do you say to a person who says, I have done all I can do? I do not need anymore? I am tired of taking care of people? It’s time for me to take care of myself?

It seems they are ready to go on cruise control in life. It reminds me of one of those National Geography films, where the money says, “to hell with it”, climbs down and in a very nonchalant manner goes over lollygaging around the water hole. The lion comes out of nowhere,,,too late! Can we ever let our guards down in life?

Here’s another: Your favorite pro-team has been playing for years. It is game time or in practice, one of your team mates says, I am going out on the field, but I am not going to do my best. Then, why do you want to be on the field? Do you know how much practice is required of a potential Olympic participant?

Life, what breaks do you get? We want to break, but we do not want our lives to take a break. Something goes wrong, you run to the doctor. What if? I am on vacation, I can not help you? Your level of content is as far as you are going to go...but you but you want to go to heaven.

I notice how much thought, time and effort I give to my work, my relationships, my finances and, most important, my spiritual growth. The more I do, the greater value it brings to me and I bring to all I do. As I gain spiritual understanding, my relationships at work and at home are enhanced.

Is there ever a moment when I should take my eyes off of God? WOW, he makes everything possible. He keeps me going, one problem after the next. When I am tired, he gives me rest. Talking about people who waffle? We want to enjoy great and wonderful things, but we waffle in our abilities to perform them? Talking about “great ideas”?

Does He ever take his eyes off me? Do I expect him to? When I am true to my divine inspiration, I am true to myself. I am more confident and others have more confidence in me and around me. Divine ideas lead me to my good. I progress in all areas of my life as I remain open to inspiration.

Continually guided forward, I move with the flow of Spirit and live with enthusiasm. The best is yet to come.

Master, you handed over to me five talents; see, I have made five more talents.

People just do not take the time to think,,,time is flying.

your inner voice.c0m


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