How do you get your website to work for you?

I would often ask Mrs. Brantley.

What about a person who wants to work for themselves, what do they do?

Take things for what they are worth, she would often say.

I just thought She was one of the smartest ladies in the world and still do. Losing my job, my mother, it looked as if I was going to lose everything. Then, I met Ms. Brantley. During which time she advised me about my talent for writing. Why don't you, she said? This would be one of the surest ways your word got out, so we started a local newspaper. And after a few bumps in the road, we converted it to a website, about, Inspiration, Spirituality and Prosperity.

She thought that was the way and suggested it be named your inner voice and "write from there".

Josephine made her transformation, Sunday 27 June 2012, in Milledgeville, Georgia after a long fight with cancer. She was one of the most remarkable women of her generation.

How do you make a website work for you?

I would ask Mrs. Brantley? Why do I go around this way to say that?

I don’t know. However, if you do not try you CANNOT succeed. Remember, when the only information we had access to in its purest form was distorted? Is that why we came up with education, mass media, the web…

Today, your inner reveals the loss of a very dear friend and associate. Loss wouldn’t be the right word, if you asked her. She had a special way of making one, anyone feel welcome. The thing is, “sometimes the harder you work the more resistance you meet”? What about that? What about those left behind, what Remains? Do you reckon what remains is important, to whom, for whom?

They say funerals are for the living, is that why we have them? How does one gain any kind of benefit from a proper burial or being put-a-way? What’s the difference from falling dead in a space craft accident and/or falling dead in a jungle?

Think about that before you die? Over your remains, would there be dissension within the ranks? Would that be any different from real life? Would you, could you donate your body to the good of others? Just how do you do that best? I would be remissed if I didnot put atleast one "shit" in here. Take it for what it is worth.

While we are so concerned about careers, just what do they have to do with God, your Spiritual life? Which is more important and why do we sell ourselves and lie about it? Are we so humiliated, so hung on the system, does money really rule our lives and lifestyles?

Do you have the ability to see the web as the gate-way into the humane future? I see massacres, like the one in Syria right now, racism, like the one in America right now, liars, cheaters and destroyers of life, like the ones you hear about and are surrounded by everyday? Do we ever overcome? Are our worst enemies, ourselves, our families’, both? Are we more concerned about sentence structure than saving our own asses? How do you escape the rapture of God? So, why massacres?

Today, almost 90% of what I do involves the web, why would I not invest? Where do you go for the best information? IF you put nothing in, how do you expect anything out? Life, if you put nothing in and/or everything you put in was only evil, how do you expect anything of good out? What is an investment? Invest in yourself and the web is one great way of doing that.

Out of evil comes Good? We must work that in a very careful manner and the web has helped to make that more humanly possible.

And Mrs. Brantley, Contributing Editor, was one of the best. She was a sister, a mother, a friend and above all, a the fearless campaigner. Her main platform was the advancement of her people yet equality for all, balance and prosperity. She was of the era of great Bible Scholars and would help you understand and apply to your life passages in the Bible so you may live a better life. She was also a frim believer in one door closing for a better one to open. She belonged to many social organizations, was desired by many others, yet still generous with her time for strangers.

With me, she shared her courage earned over 72 to years and it took some nerve. I leave you with “words of wisdom” from the hard work and effort of one of our fearless campaigners, lessons from our Ancient Ancestors, Mrs. Josephine Brantley. Thank her for sharing.

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