Bad financial news Taking its Toll

Art thomas

Americans are financially strapped with no relief in sight for 2011 and 2012

Stable or unstable? One of the richest countries in the world, how can that be? How heavy are Americans dependency upon dollars?

Bad/negative financial news is taking its toll on Americans? It seems there is nothing else about which to talk.

Does it apply to you, the individual? If your country is in dire financial straits, what does that say for you? You really can forget about it, you have no control – spilled milk.

It is hard to avoid a day without hearing bad news about the American economy. We hear so much negativity about layoffs, “credit”, debts, bankruptcies, volatile stock markets, foreclosures, fuel, food, utilities, political campaigns, global economic conditions, transportation, “crime” and other frightening financial news that it stirs the soul from the inside out – recession, depression. It's puzzling and you stress over what you will wake up to the next day. It’s all about breaking the banks.

Stable is quickly turning to unstable right before your eyes and our approach is, no method to the madness. It’s a snake without a head. Performance is at an all time low.

Blame is a reaction to character of wrongdoings, when a responsible answer is elusive, which has all but become a way of life. You can’t help but think the main purpose of the media is to sell, by exploiting these horrible atrocities. You wonder what kind of people are we, who is being entertained, informed or gets enjoyment out of seeing their own people punished and suffering? 150 years imprisoned for money.

How can you be unbiased? How long can a government hold a people responsible for its own negligence? How long will a people harbor bad feelings over spilled milk? Now it is all politics – the left, right, blue, red, liberals. When are our government officials going to take control of the financial reigns? Do you know how many more positive aspects to an economy there are?

Is financial success possible during this economic downturn? A good friend of mine says, “Ain’t nothing changed for him, all he knows is a lot more people are joining his ranks”. If you were being and living frugal before, you will be frugal during and afterwards, so don’t throw in the towel. The people caught are the ones who are “really over extended” and afraid to let go. It’s the risk they took. And still today, many Americans are over extended in debt, but still hanging on, just like our country.

In order to help our country “you” must regain control of your own finances, before another major blow strikes.

Hanging on to bad debt is throwing good money behind bad. So what bad debt is our country in? The American economy is over extended – too vulnerable. Doesn’t it feel good not to be an indentured slave? Safety and Security has turned into cronyism and corruption. We need more good businesses and less “dead end jobs”.

With no relief in sight, instead of debt collection abuse, where is debt collection forgiveness, just like the government offered to corporate America? I know it’s not what you wanted, but I see this economic downturn as a new opportunity, to work together, this time the way we should – prosperity over profits. Unstable to stable, I hope this is clear and uplifts Americans to make a positive change. We can do it and it matters not who is in office.

(((your inner

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