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Art Thomas

Spirituality and prosperity? What happened to your will power until you can't will any more?

Joy and Freedom, what's happening to them? There's death and destruction all about. You look at the food chain and it is easier to fall victim or accept such negative behavior.

So what's the incentive to do otherwise? What does age and all your other ailments have to with it? Thinking of a loved one can bring a smile to my face and peace to my soul. The opposite is also true, when I worry, I feel physically or emotionally drained.

People blame their circumstances for what's happening to them, when in all reality, it is people who use their will power to change their circumstances that rise to the top.

As you sit there whining about all your ailments, having your own pity party, think of what you could be doing with what's left.

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap." The crop will be abundant in what ever you plant. The soil makes no distinction between a crop of corn or a crop of poison. Do you plant corn or poison? Whatever it is, is what you will reap.

Judy Merrill is so right! We have allowed ourselves to be conditioned to negativity and we're nowhere near as strong as we have will power to be. There is always the 'no', No you can not accomplish that, it is too difficult. No you are not accomplished enough to succeed. No seems to be the first and foremost thought we muster when our fertile mind wants to produce a crop.

What about: Yes I can? Yes, I can do that? Nuture those thoughts about whatever it is you want to overcome and overcome it or die trying. Choosing to experience the joy of life, I keep my thoughts positive and uplifted.

Get out of my head and into my heart - self realization. Dwell in the spirit. What else is there? Nobody said it was going to be easy, but together it will be a lot easier.

(((your inner

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