2008 Bail Outs Talking Points

2008 Bail Outs

Tax payers Bailing out Big Three Auto Makers

No time for a new car!

Attending a small junior college, I registered for an economic class, because it interested me, when the instructor recommended I take a somewhat less challenging course. I took him at his word.

A couple years later, at much larger university, I decided to take the same economic course and to my surprise, I aced it. Either the first instructor under estimated my abilities or his.

Tax payers Bailing out Auto Makers, I remember some years back, we bailed out Chrysler. It seems that bail out did not work, because Chrysler is demanding more bail out monies or they are going belly up. Based on current reports they are belly up.

Now, the big three automakers, including Chrysler, are asking to be bailed out. Here are my questions:

Why no early detection, warning and adjustments?

Where is the entrepreneur spirit versus crying about going bankrupt? Does that sound like someone you would like to see in the big three?

It seems as if they are threatening one way or another to be an economic burden to this country and taxpayers. It is embarrassing!

The way we handle this bail out situation will set the standard for others. When a family comes up short, they must suffer the consequences. Which is more important, three large corporations, who gives nothing but build and sell over-priced autos and lies about profits or one small family who struggles from day to day, but is willing to contribute a portion of his hard earned dollars to bail out three big companies?

When you look at it, the big three automakers, they make so much profit on an auto, it is ridiculous. For the past 20 or 25 years they have produced 400,000 new autos annually, most of which were designed with splurging, not efficiency in mind, Why? We have too many cars, we do not use, right now. Look on car lots. Recycle, we need better auto mechanics, but most American made autos do not last past pay off. Ridiculous repair costs, why. Try just once taking your auto into a dealership for a repair, with or without money. They seemed to be money crazy and no remorse. They are by far higher than any mechanic. In comparison, the big three has done very little to become forerunners in the world auto market. There is little to no demand for American made autos, Why? The proof is the financial situation they claim they are currently experiencing. Talking about bleeding hearts or cry babies. The big three has proven they can not be trusted! What is cronyism?

If a family is in a financial dilemma, like our country, the last priority would be to a new auto. Should things not pan out again for them, “The people” can not eat a new auto.

I understand jobs will be lost, but people are not stupid, they will get others. Plus, it will put us all on the same sheet of music as we go thought this economic crisis. In the long run, refusing to bail out auto industries, as a number 1 priority, will prove to be a blessing to the auto industry, the people and this land. Nobody is going to die and what is wrong with them being normal human beings subject to failure just like you and I? We will get fresh blood, cleaner operating, more practical and better built autos if we do not fear change. Monies will be better spent if the priority is to resolving “the need of the people ”, providing food, clothing and shelter, health care and clean energy, then to automakers. What is a common sense economic bail out plan or a big three auto bail out plan? It all hinges on "the people", not just their employees, which is the last concern for automakers. They do not care how or who it hurts. They just want the money.

Further, when we give them the money and they start to produce more new autos, under current economic conditions, who can afford to buy? Who is the targeted market?

I am suggesting no bail out, let them go out of business or earn their way out of the hold. Bailouts, to automakers and anybody else, failing to cut the mustard, has proven not to help at all.

Ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country. What have they said they will do?

Who is really paying? Who is really willing to sacrifice with the people?

BigThree Bail Out and 2008 Recession Big Three versus Little People

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