BigThree Bail Out and 2008 Recession


Big Three versus Little People

Big Three Bailouts or any other person, place or thing, with the word "big" as a title and asking for a $25 billion bailout, during a recession. Big man little man?

I am "Little People" and if I can not feed my family, your cars can do it for me, talking about prioritizing 2008 bail outs.

Now, you need $35 billion extra to feed your families during this recession. Is not that helping Little People into a 2009 depression!

I do not covet money, I long ago learned how to make do with what I have, isn't that the spirit of entrepreneurship? If I am unable to provide for myself and family, I suffer the consequences. But to stand idly by as you justify why you should be bailed out before "The Little People", Hello! Do you really understand the consequences?

First, I hate to see a grown man cry because he miss-managed or spent all his money. He lost it, bad deals, poor workmanship, overpriced "cars" and "repair parts". Do you remember when we made automobiles? If you were true gentlemen and providers, you would consider passing the plate, sorry, bucks, before you robbed the bank, just for this one time to prove a point to new and future generations. Really, you are one of the major reasons why America is in a 2008 recession and are willing to take a chance at pushing her into a 2009 depression. A recession is pretty serious business and a sad state of affairs, isn't it? You are the rich and powerful, aren't you? What about your power? Are you about to throw the towel in? Are you not The HMFIC, the CEO, the man responsible and all this happened on your watch? Where is Judge Judy, you need to go to her court. I would love to see that show. What about Oprah? All three of you at one time? I bet David Letterman could bring out a thing or two. What about Women and Children, first? What about the sick, health care plans, our seniors, disabled veterans, disaster relief; I will not mention the poor? But, I understand, just your loyal servants. Your employees, all the people connected to buying new worthless second hand new cars-- They can not survive without you, can they? To hell with already unemployed-ees. For them, you are going to make more new cars, just what they want to buy. Just what "they" need? May be not a bad idea if the cars were worth it. A poor man, just what he needs is a new used car, fancy wheels, salient ride, uses gas we can not afford to buy, pollutes, drivers license, insurance, tags and title, DUI's, Speeding and seat belt tickets, Wrecks, Breakdowns, traffic jams, sleeping in cars, drug banging, car jacking, depreciates as soon as you get it off the lot, new, "nobody knows how to fix" American made cars. You do not care how or who about used car salesman?

Any way, we know what is going to happen and if you deserve first digs from the bailouts, I want you to have them. However, remember that money came from the effort and work of "The People" of this Country. If not spent properly The Country will suffer.

I ask you, other than a new car and all the trimmings, what should the people and this country look forward to?

Learn how to take care of yourself. Become more independent. Plant your gardens, dig your wells, and raise your eggs, meats..You know what I mean? Do you feel me? Depression! Because, this government of today, "Modern Day Uncle Sammy" and Big Business is about to "sock it to you" one more time. They have proven, they will let The People and This Country down, every time. While you are concerned about fighting terrorism, they are concern about what? Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Who is your country?

(((your inner

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