'Batman running around...in a stupid cape'

Do you really understand from where I am going?

'Batman running around...in a fucking cape'...hummm Does that describe how or what I feel about my job?

Working my whole life away for my enemies. Is that my life-long work? Think on the number of people dying each day because they never saw the light? Somebody wrote something about smart people living longer...how smart is that?

They told us eggs, breakfast, lunch, dinner, brushing, flossing your teeth was also good for you, saying they would last a lot longer. But even without thinking, did they ever tell you the truth- health and longevity??? Then, why did we turn away from our roots?

What actually happens when you go around repeating what others said, especially when it ain't none of your business...that's what my mom taught me.

Why would I cancel anything I wanted to do? Why would I schedule a future event on top of a current event? Why would I cancel one for the other, especially when I knew my good friends was looking forward to it--college days?

The Dark Knight Rises. You know you were just released from self-inflicted bondage, boxed up in your room. And now, you're the hottest thing on the block- pay per view, you're in high demand, a graphic novel, "A History of Violence,"

You were literally locked up in your room, holding your own self hostage, how smart is that? Why do we hold our own selves hostage and as soon as we're freed, we act like nothing has happened, insane or what? We’d rather destroy the whole family, than deal with the problem at hand. Literally destroy our whole entire family, race, people over all stupid bullshit. Is that suicidal or what?

Now, if you could get away with it? What good would that do? "I don't think they know what the f--k you're talking about."

Where are the real men, the ones who literally express themselves,,are you telling them to let my people go? The ones who are able to fine channel their inner adolescent, in time of need?

Where do you take our people who are suicidal? Is it to our enemy? Is it possible for us to assist our own kind in resolving their mental and emotional issues? Would we even admit to each other, what is Alzheimer’s? Did you create the magical pill? WE take credit for a lot of bullshit, but for the bullshit that really counts - A History of Violence and Abuse.

Are you half as interesting and 20 million dollars times the expense? Is it more expensive to do the wrong thing that it is the right? It's for kids, but it's adolescent in its core.???

What are you teaching....using the N-word too much and wanting to be "an honorary black man", really tacky and difficult to do, crossing the line of no return. Why burn any bridges?

One dark night.

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