Resonate with Nature

Anneewakee Creek (in Douglas County, GA)

Is it all wrong, then why doesn't shit work? Are you smart enough to know the difference or do you just want to see a nice photo...

Resonating with Nature

Am I on the wrong track here or what? Why are we always trying to resonate with something that doesn't resonate with us. How does going outer space resonate with you? How does your job resonate with you and all the other crap we deem important?

Are you a night owl? Are human beings nocturnal, well why do we roam around in the streets all night long or try to stay up? This is not referring to the common people but to our society. Why do our stores, places of employment operate 24/7, I don’t care how many million people live there?

We listen to a lot of folks telling us what to do, what we ought to be doing, how to do it…. but the more we do, the worse off we get, why is that?

We consume more resources than necessary trying our best to do stupid shit and all it does is come right around and bite us in our asses, yet we call it success.

So why are the common people so confused, not knowing what to do, in the absence of a 9-5 job? Will we ever learn our “real jobs”? Will we ever start minding our own businesses?

Listening to what all these people are saying has caused us to be consumed in a artificial living environment, which we have come to accept as normal. We call it democracy, capitalism… when we know it is a far from a democracy as ever could be. That is why no one who lives in our democratic system understands the corruption. Instead of correcting it, we put a band-aid over an infected wound. Nobody can see it, but the infection spreads.

Though I am telling the truth, no one is going to listen because they educated to the contrary. If our system of education was function, it would be teaching us how to better survive, resonating with nature. But I am here to tell you, until we learn how to resonate with nature, our economy will never survive. We will never be on the same sheet of music. We will forever have a reason to hate. It’s like trying to survive without knowing shit and all the shit you know does you no good.

Once we resonate with NAURE, then it all will be there. Everything single little thing will fall right in place. Think about shit. Why do I write this, to inform and keep myself sane, in a world of insanity.

(((your inner

Thinking It was NOrmal

Resonating with you

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