Be Kind to your Planet

Recycle and Save, not only ourselves, but our land! Why, who would want to do that?

When you are thinking of ways to be kind to yourself, just think on something greater.

Do your part to help save our planet AND selves - RECYCLE! I am sure there are web articles on the way to RECYCLE anything. Every little bit helps?

Our "trash dumps" runeth over!

We make recycling even harder by having the trash man pick it up.

Tons upon tons of trash, why do we creat so much trash? Ultimately, where does trash end up? Because it runeth over a few miles away from your house, does the trash problem go away? I do not know how smart you are, but my senses tell me, no; it is still in my community. Why compound the problem?

Recycle, tons and tons of trash currently running over and will soon smother us to death; and help save our planet and selves, at the same time Freeing us. SWAP FOR SAVINGS!

(((your inner

A clear vision for America

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