Strong and Encouraged

Now that we've found love what are we going to do with it?

Why not get it right the first time? The familiar and the known to the unfamiliar and the unknown...

Revolutionary people putting everything on the line. Who gave you jurisdiction over me? Why should I lower my standards? WE don't think like they do?

Encourage each other to be strong

One strong or a few strong will not get it? Being strong in the physical sense will not get it?

We must encourage each other to be strong and we must do that by encouraging each other to be healthy. It’s the only way. But being strong in the true sense of Spirituality will.

How much better do you feel when you express your true self? Truth is the light and the way…

Now, is the time to start telling the truth, for those of us who truly want to prosper. It's the only way for us to come together, to be truly UNITED.

To whom is our dedication, determination, RESPECT? You are all you have, never to live this life again...LOVE! ONly love will set this family free.

Does it come right back to you..TRUTH? All days and 'All nights... The folk in charge say, "get your ass out there, you go"? But why can't you do that for yourself?

The familiar and the known to the unfamiliar and the unknown.. You must overcome your fear and get out in that shit. We're tired of losing.

(((your inner

Being the Change you want to see???

Business Sense

For what are you working

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