YOur Business Sense Where

Plenty of Fresh Air and Sunshine!!! Consumers and Producers

By what kind of people am I surrounded? Are we more consumers or producers? How can you consume more than your stupid ass produce?

Just what does the Supreme Court Judge produce? What does a teacher produce??? What should we be producing? What are we doing with all our babies? What about China?

Remember when we used to carry our girlfriends on our shoulders? Remember when you could pick them up? Just try that today??? They can go get a handicapped buggy, but why in the hell can't they carry'em back? What exactly is healthy? Sistahs!!!

Then what good would it do to send you back to school? Your Business Sense

Where is your business sense? What sacrifices are you making? What sacrifices are we making?

If we really wanted to promote our businesses what would that do for us? What would that do for our families, communities…products and services? Would we know, any better, the qualities of what we’re sharing? Would we be an active part of the national and international economy? Would we have a brighter future?Our inability to play an active role in the business of America is an indicator of what?

Your Sense of doing Business in America?

(((your inner

Ruthless Business People

Personal Development

Business Building

Business Sense

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