Be A Better People

Why do people want to be better people? Easy, it makes life better, you live in better homes and towns, own and work with better tools and equipment? Being better, just makes life better.

Do not allow age or retirement to slow you down. It will come in it's own time. Though you have worked for what you have, tomorrow is a brand new day. And should you have the opportunity to live it, Live it better than yesterday.

Being I was reading this article, I learned that being plays a big part in Doing. "being" rather than "doing". Well, I got kind of huffy because I am always preaching "Doing", that doing is the most powerful word in the world. It was his title that caught my eye: "being" rather than "doing".

However, after reading this article I had to agree that the state of being in which you do anything means a lot. Attitude wise! At this stage in my life, and the track I am on, it goes without saying; but there was a time, I had my priorities out of order. Raising a family, career, illness, you will have to balance them all so, you may as well get your state of being in order and work on your family. Like it or not, somethings jus come with the territory.

I still hold fast to "doing" being he most important, but the frame of mind in which you do something is also important. It can help keep your priorities straight. Get started!

If you are doing something the eight state-of-being/linking verbs, verbs that state that something IS: Is, am, were, was, are, be, being, been. The consciousness, feelings, the quality of existence. State-of-being verbs are also used as helping/action verbs. Feminine side of verbs may be? Enough confusion right now.

This is where the pedal hits the medal Do, nothing happens without it! Action/Helping verbs...

Saying you want nothing or little in life?

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