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Helping Word, Action Word??

What happens when you do? Who benefits? Who's responsible? What are the consequences?

Do we really own this land? Is it ours to do what the hell we want?

There are do's, don'ts in life and then, there is confusion and it ain't easy "to undo". Even though my parents did and their parents did, it still is not easy to do, but now, we should better understand what we need to do.

How are you doing? What are you doing? What are you planning? How many times can we tear down old stores, houses, businesses and buildings, just to rebuild them and it gets more expensive each time. If you leave town for a week, you won't recognize it upon your return - GPS.

Do we really want to know each other? What about homeland securtiy and terrorism? Do we ever think about getting old, what about making and keeping shit practical? I wonder where will the mall be by then?

Now, that we've finally priced ourselves off the map, we have nothing and our dream of affordable living is even further away? Don't you see that?

How many times have we replaced our "old drinking water" lines? If it is so cheap and easy to tear down and build new, why are prices so high and still skyrocketing? Why are our resources in short supply and getting shorter? How does the future look?

What does any of this have to do with the word "Do"? Helping word, action word, How much do we actually do and what are the results? Is the most of what we do causing "us" to prosper or are the profits for a few? Are we working for ourselves or against ourselves? What are we "doing"? What are we thinking? What does that make us? Can we buy or build our way out?

The most important, most powerful single word of any land and language is "do", yet, we just keep "doing" the same old stupid shit. And we are doing it like there is no tomorrow, like we will be here forever.

We've made so many improvements and so much progress, I hardly recognize my hometown any more. Where is downtown? What's there? Well, if our improvements and progress were so great and timely, outside of costs, why are all the businesses leaving? Did we prepare for a rainy day or were we fooling ourselves? Will we teardown again to attract new, then who? Was all that planning and execution for the big fat zero we're living today? Are we trying to makeup for lost time?

Doing comes with a sense of responsibility for what one does. Be careful of doing what you want.

Live a loving life! How can we live it when we never practice it? What about sharpening our life skills and practicing for a rainy day? That will keep away a lot of don'ts and confusion. Now it is done. The only skill we are sharpening is how to get a buck and we've screwed that one up royally.

After you live for a while, you realize, the majority of what we "do" is "a ashame and disgrace". Telling it like it is?"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." -- Aristotle

The second most important word in the world. What do you think it is?

Does this message resonate with you?

(((your inner

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