A Beautiful Black Man Poem

Beautiful Black Man

Up from the grave he arose?

There is comfort in knowing. I'm committed to keeping this love alive. Can you have one, if you don’t know? CAn you have one and not realize it? Would you divorce him? Would you turn his children against him? Is that gender specific?

Does he make you yell like a teenager? Is he strong or weak, fearful or less… How do you compliment him? Are you in a tug of war with yourself? Can you figure out whether to go backwards or forward? Is that a no brainer?

Release, Relate, Relax, I’m gonna be your friend. I’ll be by your side. Leaders meeting with leaders, how do you know on who you can depend for guidance and protection. When we’re wrong please protect us.

Is that ode just to you or is it to all who makes it? As I was in the military, I made pacts with those who wanted to make a pact with me. So if you ask the question, how do we make it, think about that. We’re all in this together and together we must all get out, ASAP, whether you smoke or not, whether you think you are pure or not… there’s only one requirement and that is to want out together? There are lives in the balance?

And for those of you who may think my vices are to be immulated by you or your children,,, I say “check yourself”? Because, what Art does or fails to do does not make you fat. Why do or must I do what you do, why am I your example, who should be your example?

Me smoking or drinking… has nothing to do with my spirituality. My spirituality is I live it. Every waking moment, search me out if I’m in doubt.

Listen and follow yourself and teach your children to do the same, whether they like it or not.

A Beautiful Black Man understands that in the process of releasing, relating and relaxing is all we want to do. Free your

YOu can pick your friends but what about your family?

(((your inner voice.com)))

Release, Relate and Relax

Always be yourself

Beautiful People Together

Seeds of light

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