Beautiful People Together

What happens when you get into something and you can't get out???

My mom always told me "Don't get in shit you can't get yourself out of". Why?

Are you the perpetrator or victim? Do you understand what real beauty is? Do you understand how to bring them together? Do you understand how to solve, resolve, and dissolve issues? Bringing beautiful people together Why won’t beautiful people come together? Creating a world of beautiful people has nothing to do with the status quo. As a matter of fact, being status quo just might be justification for rejection. That’s because status quo has literally screwed up everything, resources and properties, we need for healthy living. Now, we don’t even know what healthy living is any more. Are you status quo or are you different?

Time for a change, healthy living starts with healthy thinking, which has nothing to do with the color of your skin, money, position… but all to do with the content of your character.

Would I commit a crime for you, should I and where does it stop? We had a very prominent family whose daughter was involved in a serious auto accident, killing members of the other car. The daughter fled the scene and her parents attempted to cover for her. The occupants of the other car was white, the daughter was black, was that any justification, was it their fault? Where does it stop?

Should the parents have turned their nice daughter into our corrupt justice system? Should the daughter who caused the fatalities, committed the crime, neglected to offer help and ran away be turned over to her parents for punishment? Did they act responsibly? Should the nature of their relations be of any concern? Why did she run?

Do you find this daughter attractive or unattractive? Do you find these parents responsible or irresponsible? Universal law!!! How many black people do we put in prison, is it all deserving? Now, put the shoe on the other foot. is governed by the universal principle that every human being deserves to be treated as a human being, not as a coward.

How do you find cowards attractive? How do cowards fight cowards? How do cowards build anything constructive? Domestic Terrorist and terrorism

Then you wonder why your children are so delusional, why they do not have the courage to stand up for what they do, yet stand for what they do not do? How can you stand for what’s good when you’re standing for what’s bad? How do you stand with one foot in and one foot out, does that make you in or out?

By only allowing beautiful people through the doors, we remove the first hurdle in the jungles of hippos and wart hogs.

Rejected since their global launch, millions of men and women will be turned away throughout the globe. They will perish, which is what happens to folk who...

Most importantly your inner is known to quickly and successfully bring beautiful people out so they can be beautiful together.

We challenge every aspect of your guilty conscious so you will emerge, evolve clean and refresh feeling love and respect for self and others - A Human Right. The power of FORGIVING AND BEING FORGIVEN???

(((your inner

Be the change you want to see

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