Identify Domestic Terrorists and Terrorism

  • They are cowards and cowards prey on weaker people, people they know will not fight them back, including women and children and most African-Americans?

  • They attack when your back is turned and your hands are tied? Sometimes how we are described in our treatment of POWs.

  • They do cowardly things to innocent people just to bring attention to themselves and their selfish cause? Their cause is only good for getting paid for what they do to upset any good working system. The do not want peace and harmony, while they will have nothing to do.

  • When everybody else is working to bring things together, cowards are secretly working to tear it all down?

  • Spray-painted graffiti that include a racial slur found at the accident scene? No works of Art, but graffiti just to piss somebody off. They know it will.

  • Stones with Bible verses etched on them line the path to what used to be the front door. Hello! Now, that is a coward of the worst kind. They will spit snot in your face just for the hell of it. They still do, by spitting every time they see a Black Man. These are well behond rehabilitation. They are haters, just for the hell of it. A few people with money know exactly where they to get'em stirred up. They will not fight Iraqis, Pakistani or Afgans, just Black Folks. Do you know where their training camps are? One is in the hills of North Georgia. What's that town's name, Oprah? Reading: "In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength."

  • Indications there have been some type of terroristic threat? Warning, Warning, Secret Service, FBI, SWAT Teams are on the loose.

  • They consider it suspicious, but will not say it was racially motivated? What is I am scared and don't wanna say? They attempt to explain the difference between racism and terrorism?

  • Incident occurred in area notorious for terrorism and terrorist acts, especially racially motivated?

  • Officials say a fire destroyed the home of a supporter of President Barack Obama while she was in Washington, D.C. to attend his inauguration? Nan Nanah Nanah, look what I did and you can do nothing about it!

    They've been mistreated all their lives, all they know is how to mistreat others, until they run into the wrong or right person. The right person, they can be saved. I have worked with some of the best of them and some of the worst of them. People are afraid to tell them the truth, however; when you do, they normally fall in line.

Look How this incident was handled

fire destroyed home of a supporter of President Barack Obama


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