Being Different


I always thought being a minority was a bad thing. Guess again?

It's free and takes less than a minute!

I really can't help myself? Can't help myself? Being one of them?

As I got a little age on me, I saw a group of soldiers marching in our Christmas parade. I was very young, impressed and couldn't get being one of them out of my head?

So at about 6 grade I told my mom, I wanted to be like them soldiers. After some months, when I had forgotten about our long indepth conversation, my mom came to me and told me all what I had to do, to be like them.

I thought, that would suit me fine, I can do it! From 8th grade in high school to 2 years of college, I was on "lock down" learning to be like them. That's a long time when you are a teenager...HELLLLoooo

No matter how hard I tried, they would never accept me and my mom wouldn't let me out. As a matter of fact, the more I tried the more they rejected me. I had great difficulty understanding their language and mentality. No matter how hard I studied, I barely made a passing grade. You talk about struggling, I thought it was never going to end.

So I learned a very valuable lesson on Trying to Be LIke Them.

So 50 years later, who are you trying to be like today?

I have learned from the best and worst of them, that them have not a clue what they are doing? The school I attended have now abandoned all their old evil ways of displine and education, but they are still in me.

The sooner you can figure out who you are and muster up the courage to be that, you will be a whole lot better off, than trying to be like them.

What's wrong with you? Well, you have to learn from somebody somewhere. Why do they not want to be like you? Don't you have it going on just as well as they?

Whose willing to teach you. Mom and dad normally won't make time, so most of us are raised by them. Even a TV fits them. Is that how caring slipped through the cracks? Are we too busy trying to get all that stuff we see "them" with? Now, you know the deal. It's free and takes less than a minute! JOin me here

How long does it take for you to figure out what's right with you? Is the magic number 12 years, the end of high school? Yes, and if you wait that long, you are going to be even further behind the power curve. There is a power curve?

The best way to tell whether or not you are in front or behind the power curve is to ask yourself, "Do I outright own anything?" Do you own your job, why not? Do you really want to own anything? Do you want to own yourself? I see some youth make their first "big bucks" somewhere between 18 and 25 years of age. See Technology!

Then, I see the majority of the people/adult still struggling to make ends meet at age 50? What's wrong with that picture? Is that why most good ideas never get heard?

Is it because we start out behind the power curve? We have no nerve and if you do, you had better not do it. Somewhere between real life and church, things get all screwed up. You want to have fun but...

How do you help the masses get ahead of the power curve?

That struggling group, never has enough. They are always a day late and a dollar short. People who run things are in the minority, not the majority. Are you surrounded by the majority? Create your own.

If you are reading this today, you know the deal. Share it and forget it. Take positive action now! Help somebody else take positive action now.

You can teach someone to be like them, but you must encourage them to be different.

(((your inner

JOin me here

It's free and takes less than a minute!

Free yourself

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