A Man and the so called African American woman?


By now, it is no secret that often in these essays I make comments on the conduct, presentation, and carriage of the so-called African American woman. And as I have tried to explain equally on numerous occasions, because of her unspoken importance, she must be held to a higher standard for she is a source of inspiration and her belly carries our ethnic future. This essay now focuses on the other half of her completeness the man.

During the initiation into slavery she was of a major focus because as she went so went her offspring. However, before addressing today's concerns to save tomorrow, we must look back on yesterday's actions. There are some who will say let's stop always talking about slavery. That is old news. This is true but we can never forget yesterday's crimes against humanity any more than the Jew will forget about the holocaust. Their motto is Never Again. We must become familiar with yesterday's tactics for if not exposed, we will see them again only in a different dress. Therefore, these words are in response to those who seek to debunk the past atrocities as just ancient history. He who does not learn from yesterday's mistakes is destined to repeat them tomorrow. I say Never Again.

In order for the process of creating a slave to have been effective there had to be alienation. Those Africans who were brought here (and indeed sometimes whole villages of the losing tribe were sold which included the wives and children) had a culture, a history, social structure, and a civilization. They had to be stripped of all things African. That means those who spoke the same tongue had to be separated. They were forced to learn a new tongue. Those of the same family as kinsmen had to be separated. Those from the same geographical area had to be separated. Those who had the same unifying religion had it stripped from them and were given the religion of their slave master. After all, why not give to them a bogus religious philosophy which, when they prayed to it, would grant them no success, do them no good? (Besides, what better way to control how a person thinks than to give them a spiritual philosophy of your own making?) The Africans had to be removed from all familiar surroundings and made to feel dependent upon this new taskmaster in a strange new land.

As was the custom, the head of the household was the father. He was protector, provider, and spiritual head of the unit. Upon introduction to this new land and way of life, he had to be stripped of his former trappings of manhood because if he were given the respect of a human being, being a man, slavery in its most hideous form could not have been a successful venture. For if he resisted so would his woman and that resistance would be inculcated into his children. Therefore, the new master had to first demonstrate that the man was powerless. If he was successful in doing so, this would mean that the woman would have to look elsewhere for her provisions, protection, and spiritual leadership. This breaking process was done in many ways, the most brutal of which was the actual physical beating, burning, emasculation, and finally death in the presence of his women and children in order to demonstrate the male slave's weakness, his powerlessness.

There is a psychology to making and keeping a slave. These reavers (to rob, despoil, carry away) had to pitch the old black male vs. the young black male. Use the dark skin slaves vs. the light skin slaves, and the use the female vs. the male. It was necessary that the slaves trust and depend on the slave master. They, the slave, must love, respect, and trust only them. They used fear, envy, and mistrust to further separate the newly created slave. For distrust is stronger than trust, and envy is stronger than adulation, respect, or admiration. The young male slave learned to disrespect the age and wisdom of his male elders. The females were given positions of authority over the man. And the children saw all of this. The mystique of the fierce African male figure was rapidly being demolished. As time progressed, the voices of dissent against slavery grew louder. Eventually, those voices made an impact. Other nations, led by Britain, legislated an end to the African slave trade.* Did this action mean that slavery had to end? No. The law just meant that Africa could no longer be the source of slaves. After all, slavery was a most profitable venture. So, what happened next began a new chapter in human bondage, servitude, and in genetic engineering. If one could not import slaves, why not have home grown slaves? That meant there would be a need for more than one slave breeding plantation. Consequently, there arose numerous baby making facilities throughout the South. It was good economics. The lucky male slave with the greatest endowments was mated with females of birthing age. Here they practiced promiscuity in wild abandonment with permission from the slave master to do so. This became the new cash crop homegrown slaves which was necessitated by virtue of the fact that the importation of Africans for slavery was made an illegal act. The designated male had no responsibility other than to sire babies which would then be sold as a cash crop for profit. This was how they had learned to demonstrate their manhood for all to see. They needed not to worry about sheltering, feeding, or clothing their offspring (Sound familiar?). The Master would see to those responsibilities. With the male now relegated to status of stud, it became necessary for the mother, and hence the child, to depend on the slave master if slavery was to work in future generations. The process of breeding slaves proved to be a viable and most profitable system. Slavery had become systematized.

After the war between the states, the sons of displaced Africans were freed but no one told them how they were to live. They hired themselves out to do the work they had done formerly (carpentry, animal husbandry, smithing). Those who were studs did what studs do. Many never grew out of the profession. That legacy was passed on. And yes, the promiscuity of the females was also handed down to succeeding generations.

Shortly after the war the majority of the South, not just recently liberated blacks, experienced waves of severe poverty. This sowed the seeds for the establishment of a mechanism by which indigent citizens could be assisted. This mechanism we now call the welfare system.** Its purpose though quite noble also acts as vehicle by which the now displaced African descendant woman can further demonstrate her lack of need for the displaced African male descendant. Notice how each state, county, and city has its own form of welfare. There are even enclaves that are funded just for this group of people. They used to be called projects. Now they are considered as subsidized housing. And in either case, you will usually find them filled to capacity with the elderly and more noticeably single mothers with children who are dependent upon the state for subsistence. Does ADC (Aid for Dependant Children) sound familiar? In a very few instances will you find a single male with children or with family in these enclaves. [Lest this writing be misconstrued, men of color are now no longer the sole victims of an oppressive system which has as its ultimate consideration the amassing of great sums of wealth. The system cares less about ethnic origins. It simply needs victims to continue doing its will.] In the meantime the males who sired these quasi wards of the state are left to continue making their offspring. Oh, of course, when these men are cornered by the law, they are to pay back child support or go to jail. Which means they need a job. However, as statistics show, black males are at the bottom of the rung when it comes to having gainful employment and those numbers are growing. They are in a catch 22 predicament. They cannot find gainful unemployment because they quit school before graduation. Those who did graduate did not continue their education so that they could have more than a bare minimum education and therefore achieve more than bare minimum employment. If they do find meager employment, once child support has been extracted, there is little left for survival. So, to supplement their earnings, they engage in the underground economy (drugs, gambling, prostitution, robbery, etc.,) which can provide lucrative rewards but is at best fleeting, illegal, and leads to criminality not to mention an invitation to jail. So what is a brother to do?

A Letter To The Disenfranchised

It is a bitter bowl of gruel that some of our brothers must swallow and much of it not of his doing. With that being said here is counsel to my ethnic kinsmen.

Yes, you have been stripped of your identity, your heritage, your dignity and your homeland. You have been bred like cattle. You have been worked like some beast of burden. You have been lied to about your history. Your woman has been taught to dishonor you and your children to disrespect you. Why all of this effort? For there have been other forms of servitude throughout history. In those instances, the servant was never stripped of his manhood or identity. And in many cases, over time he could be welcomed into the tribe, clan, or village if he so desired. But this form of servitude has bordered on bestiality. It has been cruel and inhumane at best. Your foe is a leviathan. He has a great many resources at his bidding. As time has progressed he has created and incorporated within his governmental workings the means by which to continue your mistreatment and lack of consideration. Why so great an effort? Fear! He was/is afraid you would not be controllable. And now he fears your retribution.

Get up off of your knees! Though you did not invite this tragedy no one can make you give up. The greatest helping hand any man can receive is at the end of his own elbow. You do not have the time or luxury of looking for pity. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Another man cannot ride your back if you stand tall. And now is the time to stand tall. You must clean up the areas where you find failure. Go back and discover your natural spiritual roots. First, go to your children. Let them know that they do matter to you. After all, they are a part of your blood, flesh, and bone. Try to create an amiable atmosphere with the mother(s) of your children. Granted there are some women who, if they do not have their way with you, will try to hold your children hostage and withhold your visiting privileges. If you find that there are unreasonable demands placed upon you, go to the courts. (Maybe this experience will guide you in making your next choice of female companion. You must learn that no matter how tempting a picture presented on the first night out, she may be your color but not your kind. And if she is displaying enormous cleavage, that may be all she has to offer. Look for a mind that goes with those glands. Now back to the courts.) The prospect of going to the system is scary, but you cannot live in fear all of your life is too stressful and as most know or should know, stress kills. Get out from in front of the convenience store panhandling for quarters and try McDonalds, Burger King or a day labor establishment. Can you imagine what your son or daughter would think seeing you standing there in front of the restaurant asking for a handout? See about enrolling in school. Search out government programs which offer incentives or assistance to those continuing their education. Demonstrate the importance of an education to your children by example, not by a show of words. And with the re-establishment of communications with your children, make your sons find a belt and hitch up their trousers. Hold your child's hand and go for walks to school, the park, the grocery store. If you cannot get along with the child's mother, just be around for that child to be able to depend upon you. Be around. Put the world on notice that here is the rightful place for a man. Have some input in the rearing of your children. Don't give that privilege and honor to some other man.

Next, you have to register to vote. In some jurisdictions, in order to neutralize your power, charges against you were trumped up. There was unequal enforcement of existing law, or you were afraid to let the system know that you existed. Consequently, there are untold numbers of you who have dropped through the cracks and failed to register or cannot cast your ballot because of being an adjudicated felon. That must and can be changed. Remember the (s)election of George W. Bush of 2000 and 2004 for president? It could happen again.

Then, there are the mental games. I mean the strategy of female seduction and conquest solely for the purpose of satisfying some hormonal need or desire. Life is about more than just the momentary achievement of physical nirvana. It has been said in the streets that one should not hate the player but hate the game. I say just the opposite. Hate the player for if there were no players there would be no game. After all, a man is more than a pair of pants with the zipper in the front. And it is not the size or longevity of the reproductive organ. It is the enormity of his intellect. There is a wider panorama out here and we are judged by the picture we paint of ourselves on that canvas of life.

Finally, but by no means all-inclusive, try a little courtesy. Show some respect to self and others. Everybody is not out to beat you. A man is a composite of values, character, integrity, and principle. Come on back and join the rest of us. We need more warriors. Enough said.

*[The Slave Trade Act (citation 47 Geo III Sess. 1 c. 36) was an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom passed on 25 March 1807, with the long title "An Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade". The original act is in the Parliamentary Archives. The act abolished the slave trade in the British Empire, but not slavery itself; that remained legal until the Slavery Abolition Act 1833. The United States acted to abolish its African slave trade the same year (but not its internal slave trade); like Britain, it did not abolish slavery at that time. Slavery itself was legal in the British Empire until the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 came into effect; slavery continued to exist in other nations as well. Slavery ceased in America with the end of the Civil War.]

**The history of welfare in the U.S. started long before the government welfare programs we know were created. In the early days of the United States, the colonies imported the British Poor Laws. These laws made a distinction between those who were unable to work due to their age or physical health and those who were able-bodied but unemployed. The former group was assisted with cash or alternative forms of help from the government. The latter group was given public service employment in workhouses. Throughout the 1800's welfare history continued when there were attempts to reform how the government dealt with the poor. Some changes tried to help the poor move to work rather than continuing to need assistance. Social casework, consisting of caseworkers visiting the poor and training them in morals and a work ethic was advocated by reformers in the 1880s and 1890s. Prior to the Great Depression, the United States Congress supported various programs to assist the poor. One of these, a Civil War Pension Program was passed in 1862 and provided aid to Civil War Veterans and their families.

Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you won't have a leg to stand on. -- Richard Hammond JD, Submitted by LL2.

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