Spiritual Transformation

From where do you get and where do you store your most intimate thoughts? Does the status quo even consider them? Does the status quo abuse them? Why?

People talking about they are tired of hearing about slavery? Don't let slavery be your excuse? They always talking about slavery...DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY 100 YEARS WENT BY BEFORE "Black People" COULD OPENLY TALK ABOUT SLAVERY? Do your realize how many black people were beat, killed just to make sure they do not even think about escaping? Today, you still have to be a little careful but just look how little progress we have made together and you are talking about you are tired. That's the problem. You are sick_n_tired! Do not get me wrong....I really want you to know that I am talking about and to YOU and now you know it! Without one doubt.

"We" whites and blacks need to talk about slavery everyday of the week. And if they were any good, "they" would want to hear it? And just may be they would start treating us with respect. Like you say your blessing before you eat, that is how vigilant we need to be. (((carefully observant or attentive; on the lookout for possible danger; "a policy of open-eyed awareness))) They know it and it is our responsiblity to ensure it does not happen again. If it was a football game! What if a black man robbed a white!!

You cannot say a damn thing yourself. Everything must go through some other person who cannot be trusted.

We have to, we must undergo “together” a Spiritual Transformation if we are to Build A Stronger America. A spiritual transformation is the same thing you should go through before you marry? It is just that simple and it is just that easy.

How much will it cost? Do you have a choice?

What gives you and your religions “all the authority”? Why don’t you practice them in your elections, in your politics, in your church, in your communities? Why does your God cause you to denounce, degrade and disrespect all other Gods and people? Why do not you have the courage to stand and defend family values all over the world? Why do you raise arms against and kill your own brothers and sisters? He without sin, let him cast the first stone.

Why do you paint that dot between your eyes? Why are you my store keeper? Why do you wear such revealing clothes? Why do you push your dress and your behavior on and above any one else? Why do you dress in drag? Why do you clothe your entire body? All these are religions and personal choices, not one more important than the other. Why do you bring your traditions and culture to a land that does not respect nor honor them? What makes you any better? Do you know when somebody comes to destroy everything for which you have worked?

That is why we must go through a spiritual change together. We must redefine the common ground between us? And the only way to respectfully and honorably do that is to undergo a spiritual transformation together, from the bottom up.

Not willing to undergo this spiritual transformation, we must ask you to leave for the safety and security of our families and future. People will understand and respect that they have a choice. How can I come into your house and force you to change your prayers. We are talking about human rights. That is Disrespectful, unappreciative and a direct threat to everything for which my family have worked, for you to come in eat and disrupt. If you are so demanding, why did not you stay in your own house?

We must weed out the devils and the people who do not mean our economy any good. That is why it is so important to go through this spiritual transformation together. How can we forgive? For what do we forgive? Do you recognize the faults of your own ways? Any other way, we will be the warning, the example, the lesson learned to the rest of the world why failing to go through a spiritual transformation together is futile to the longevity of any Society.

Well, it is going to happen one way or another, the question is do you have sense enough to save yourself before it is too late? If you knew a tsunami was coming your way, would you take the necessary precautions? It is just that simple.

Then when you wake-up and see someone else standing at the helm of your ship, then do not complain. Do not take offense because Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America. Do not take offense because Muslims replaced the twin towers? Do not take offense to the next terrorist attack? Do not take offense that all your work has been in vain. Do not take offense because you ignored the wiser voices of time.

Ignoring the friction between people?

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