Being Up Front?

When do I take you serious?

This year’s Humanitarian Award goes to….

Let us talk about your faith, your courage, your ability to discern right from wrong and take appropriate action? We will noy talk about slavery but we will talk about Black History Month(BHM). Some cannot wait til BHM to see if they shine. If Blacks have anything to do with it, why just a month? Okay, why not White History Month…? Even after White History, why not give equal time to both histories? How can history be one-sided? Will that history be like a "fishing tale"? Why waste your time? If we do not make our history important then who will-Both histories?

Being up front at all times! Why does it pay to be up front all the time and at the same time? How do you minimize chaos and confusion? When someone asks you a question why would you lie? Is it harder not to lie? How would we know the truth? Being truthful, does it teach us anything new? If we lie then what are we doing to ourselves and our fellow man?

Being up front, how do they get to have all the jobs and "us" have none? Who are we? Is not being up front with each other holding us back? Does being the only one up front count against you? Does going along with the program knowing it is wrong make you any less responsible? Does it save arguments? What happens when you come to the end?

Have you given up hope? Exactly when is it okay not to be up front? Who are you fooling? Are we not competing for the light? What happens when we grow equally together, as best as possible for the same light? We are all going through the same door, for what is all the pushing and shoving? Refusing to share with me, how is that going to help you get through the same door at the same time? How is it going to hurt me if you go first? Are we wasting time and effort? Are we defeating our whole purpose in life by trying to squeeze through the same door at the same time?

What happens when you out grow me? Can you go at it alone? Is there not room enough for all of us to be the best we can be? Why all the stumbling blocks and curve balls? I think we have agreed that it is self-defeating for us to try to get through the same door at the same time? Does me going first or second break the laws of nature? Who came first, does it matter?

Sometimes I look at The Great Herds, when they panic and create their own blockades. It is during those times of panic the herd is most vulnerable. Are they looting? Superior beings, why panic? I mean if we are in the people business, why do not we organize ourselves so everybody gets safely and securely through the door and could not we get more people through the door? What good would it do for us to fool each other?

Why would you always want to come in last? Why are you always on the bottom? What about the back? Why are you anywhere but up front every time? Every time one of us is not up front with ourselves that is a lick on us? Are not you tired of getting hit? Are you not tired of being misunderstood? Are not you tired of working, giving your hard work and effort, not to mention your money to someone threatening to leave you hanging? Are you hanging or is it just me? Will we ever know the truth?

Are you the only one who is trustworthy to do your job? What happens when you are out or want to be out? Why cannot any self-respecting citizen substitute? Do we ever learn anything from the ants? What will happen when you cannot be present? There will be days when you cannot and will not be present? Why create all that stress for a job? It takes a village to raise a family, but only you can do your job? What kind of mentality is that?

This year, to whom will the Humanitarian Award go? We have a lot of self-claimed awards, but do we have a Humanitarian Award? Do we need someone to tell us to get one? How do you get it? Can we have more than one? What are our humanitarian standards and beliefs? Could you abide by them? What happens when someone betrays you? Do you enjoy being lied to? Well, you would not get the Humanitarian Award, especially if you condone lying. How many awards do we need?

Is it better to get paid “let us just say for singing, dancing, sports, entertaining? Is that working with your mind? Is it better to be paid in dollars and cents than in humanitarian means? Now, you know why money makes some people do foolish things. Am I saying all of this because I have none? Does that make this tough love lesson any less or more valuable?

If we were on the right track, everyone would get and strive to get the humanitarian award. The more humanitarian you are the more awards you would have. Then it would pay to be up front. Though we make it appear that life belongs to the wicked, nothing could be further from the truth. The world belongs to those who are most up front. It takes faith, courage, and the ability to discern right from wrong; to take the appropriate action? All else is lost.

What do you believe?

(((your inner

the lone oak is not alone!

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